Does Joe Kill Nadia in You Season 4? Spoilers

The fourth season of Netflix’s ‘You’ Season 4 ends with Joe, once again, finding a way to wash away everything that he did in the past and starting new. This time, he tried his hand at a new life, being Jonathan Moore, not Joe Goldberg. He almost succeeded until his true nature caught up with him. In between all this, one person got close to figuring him out— his student, Nadia.

Nadia had always been wary of Joe. He didn’t appear to be a regular English professor, and at first, she thought he was different because he came from a different culture, being an American in London. Slowly, however, as bodies started to drop around them, Nadia became wary of Joe and eventually uncovered some of his most horrible actions. Seeing that she is one of the only people who know about his serial killer past, it makes sense that Joe would want her gone as he embarks on a new life with Kate. If you are wondering what happens to Nadia at the end of ‘You’ Season 4, here’s what you should know.

What Happens to Nadia?

Nadia had been the brightest student in Joe’s class. She could piece things together and look at the complete picture while others were busy figuring out the puzzle. She sees Joe as an unorthodox teacher who wants to reinvent the curriculum. But then, the rich start dying, and Eat the Rich Killer becomes the talk of the town. Around the same time, she has a conversation with Joe where he talks about the cliches of a whodunit. She believes that he is working on a novel, but soon, she starts to see a different intention in his actions.

Nadia notices that there is something inherently off about Joe, and the more she looks into him, the more she becomes convinced that he is hiding a terrible secret. It doesn’t escape her attention that the victims of Eat the Rich Killer are the people of the group that Joe had recently become a part of. They started dying after he entered the picture. While she can’t decipher the motive yet, she knows he did have the opportunity.

Nadia’s dedication to figuring out Joe’s secret eventually leads her to Marienne. She is horrified to discover that Joe has kept Marienne in a cage all this while. She wants to help Joe’s prisoner, but Marienne asks her to leave, lest Joe shows up and kills her too. Marienne advises Nadia not to get the police involved. Once Joe gets a whiff of it, he will disappear, which will only make him more dangerous because he is not the kind of person who lets go of people.

After a while, Nadia and Marienne devise a plan where Marienne pretends to die, and Joe leaves her in a desolate place. Believing she is dead, Joe will never think to look for Marienne, ensuring her safety. While Nadia is glad that Marienne is safe and can return home now, she doesn’t let go of the fact that Joe will get away with his crimes. She knows that he has killed other people before, which means that in his trail of blood, there must be some evidence left to have him arrested and pay for what he has done.

Against Marienne’s advice, Nadia decides to break into Joe’s apartment. She asks Eddie to keep an eye out while she looks for anything they can use against Joe. She finds a box full of articles and personal stuff of Rhys Montrose. This is definitive evidence that they can take to the cops. Nadia makes her way out of the apartment, but outside, Eddie is nowhere to be seen. Instead, she meets Joe.

Taken by surprise, Nadia is unable to do anything as Joe takes her phone and deletes all the pictures she took in his apartment. She is shocked when she finds Eddie’s dead body behind his car. Joe puts the knife with which he killed Eddie in her hand and claims that no one will believe her even if she tells the truth. The resources at his disposal now will allow him to twist the story in his favor, so it’d be useless if Nadia tries to pin the blame on him. He concocts a story about how Nadia had been obsessed with Rhys Montrose and killed him. Joe planted the box of Rhys’ stuff at her house and sent an anonymous tip to the cops. With Eddie dead, it will look like Eddie was the one who tipped the cops off, which is why Nadia killed him.

It is revealed that as Joe moved on with his life, Nadia was sent to spend her life in prison. She didn’t speak out in her defense in court, and even now, she has refused to talk about the murders that have been pinned on her. For now, it looks like there is no escape for her, but considering that his story is not over yet, there is a chance that Nadia may eventually talk about Joe and the truth about Eddie and Rhys’ murders to someone else. Until then, she has no choice but to resign to her fate and bide her time inside prison.

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