Does Marsali Die? Is Lauren Lyle Leaving Outlander?

In the sixth season of Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander,’ Marsali goes through a challenging phase. Her married life with Fergus becomes rocky when the latter constantly lives away from her and Fraser’s Ridge. As he completely indulges himself in alcohol, Marsali can only be sad about the misfortunes unfolding in her life.

In the second episode of season 6, the troubled life of Marsali gets threatened by her complicated pregnancy. Even though Claire is confident about doing her best to save Marsali, the possibility of Marsali dying amidst the delivery looms over the Fraser household. So, does she die? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Marsali Die?

No, Marsali does not die. During a regular checkup, Claire understands that Marsali isn’t healthy at all. Rather than making her stay alone at her house in the absence of Fergus, Claire asks Marsali to accompany her to Jamie and Claire’s house. Marsali dines with Claire, Jamie, Brianna, and Roger while missing her husband. Suddenly, she starts to feel intense pain and contractions. Claire examines her and realizes that Marsali isn’t in a good condition. She expresses her worry to Jamie, who asks Roger to find Fergus so that Marsali will have her husband beside her in case she dies.

Marsali’s state continues to worsen until Fergus arrives to see her. Fergus’ presence works like a charm as she forgets her pain to immerse herself in the pleasure of their oneness. Still, the danger of her death continues to loom around Marsali as the delivery becomes more complicated due to the baby’s big head. After considerable effort, Marsali ends up triumphant in her fight against death to safely deliver her baby boy. Even though Marsali escapes death, admirers of the character must be observing the challenges she faces as the warning signals of Lauren Lyle’s potential exit from the show. Let’s see whether that’s the case!

Is Lauren Lyle Leaving Outlander?

Marsali’s troubled marriage and complicated pregnancy display the gravity of her vulnerability, both emotionally and physically. Although she manages to stay alive by the end of her delivery, Claire’s checkups show that Marsali isn’t in a healthy condition. Considering her tumultuous marriage, we can deduce that Marsali may get forced to take care of the baby completely alone, which can take a toll on her body. As her health weakens, it isn’t a surprise that fans are worried about Lauren Lyle’s possible departure from the show.

However, Starz or Lyle has not released any statements or announcements regarding Marsali’s supposed departure. Furthermore, Marsali is a pivotal character in ‘Outlander’ novels ‘An Echo in the Bone’ and ‘Written in My Own Heart’s Blood,’ which are yet to be adapted for the show. Since the seventh season of the show, based on ‘An Echo in the Bone,’ is already announced, Lyle’s Marsali is expected to continue featuring in ‘Outlander’ season 6 and even season 7. Since killing off a fan-favorite character, which plays an important role in the source novels, is extremely unlikely, fans of Marsali can stop worrying!

In an interview given in August 2021, Lyle said that Marsali will step up for the safety and security of herself and her family amid the deteriorating relationship with Fergus. In the upcoming episodes, we may see Marsali accepting the frequent absences of her husband and devoting her life to the happiness of herself and her son.

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