Is Marsali and Fergus’ Baby a Dwarf in Outlander? Will They Break Up?

The sixth season of Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander’ portrays a pivotal phase in Fergus and Marsali’s life together as they await the arrival of their baby. Their adorable relationship gets tested when Fergus stoops to guilt and despair upon Claire’s abduction. He fails to realize that there wasn’t anything he could have done as he immerses himself in distress.

Fergus’ misunderstanding that he didn’t protect his family becomes a concern for Marsali when he starts to stay away from Fraser’s Ridge to lose himself in alcohol. As Fergus and Marsali’s companionship gets tested even by their new baby, one must be worried about their future. Let us share our thoughts about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Marsali and Fergus’ Baby a Dwarf?

Yes, Marsali and Fergus’ baby is a dwarf. Marsali starts to feel contractions when she dines with Claire, Jamie, Brianna, and Roger. Claire immediately tends to her and realizes that the pregnancy is complicated. She expresses her fear with Jamie and explains that she may not be able to save both the mother and the child. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Jamie sends Roger to bring Fergus to Marsali. Even though Fergus initially dismisses Roger, the latter succeeds in convincing Fergus and bringing him to his ailing wife.

Fergus’ presence ease Marsali and helps her prepare for the delivery. After suffering immense pain, she gives birth to a baby boy. Claire wraps the boy in a cloth and gives it to Fergus. Happily, Fergus picks his boy, only to realize that the baby is a dwarf. Enraged, Fergus gives the baby back to Claire and leaves the house. To an astounded Marsali, Claire explains that the baby is a dwarf, although he is completely healthy. Claire’s revelation doesn’t bring any changes to Marsali, who continues to share her joy with her newborn.

Will Marsali and Fergus Break Up?

Lionel Brown’s abduction of Claire and the unrest that ensues in the lives of Frasers deeply affect Fergus. The guilt that forms in his heart also makes him detach from Marsali, harming their relationship. Fergus’ alcoholism and his frequent absence make it tougher for Marsali. Amid a routine checkup, Claire notices bruises on Marsali’s hands and she realizes that her adoptive son hasn’t been a good husband for a while. Even when Marsali struggles hard with her pregnancy, Fergus prefers to stay away. When he comes to know that his son is a dwarf, Fergus may start to think that his son’s dwarfism is a punishment for him for not protecting his family.

However, Fergus and Marsali’s relationship isn’t on the brink of a definite end. Even though the changes in Fergus have turned out to be nothing but terrible for Marsali, her patience may save her togetherness with her husband. “I think we’re going to see an amazing arc for them [Fergus and Marsali] and see they’re such a strong partnership, but I think this is the first time we’ve seen them at odds and not communicating, not talking to each other. So we’ll see this great kind of arc for them to see how they get through this and where they go,” executive producer Maril Davis said to TheWrap.

According to Davis, Fergus and Marsali’s relationship and life together aren’t leading to an inevitable end. Even though the road to mend his relationship with his wife may turn out to be hard for Fergus, there isn’t anything worth more in the world than Marsali for him, leading him to potentially patch things with her. First and foremost, Fergus may need to realize that whatever happened with Claire isn’t his fault. Jamie, who still suffers the pain of the same, may help his adoptive son regarding the hurt and guilt. If that’s resolved, he may gain the strength to put an end to his alcoholism and become the strong-willed husband of Marsali again.

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