Does Moon Dong-eun End up With Joo Yeo-jeong or Ha Do-yeong in The Glory?

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Although romance isn’t the primary theme in the Netflix South Korean series ‘The Glory,’ it does play an important role in the narrative. The story follows Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo), who suffers severe bullying at the hands of fellow students at her school, prompting her to eventually drop out. Driven by the desire for vengeance, Dong-eun devotes her life to improving herself. She accumulates wealth, influence, and education until she is ready to return and take on her former tormentors.

Joo Yeo-jeong (Lee Do-hyun) is a plastic surgeon who becomes Dong-eun’s primary accomplice in her pursuit of revenge, whereas Ha Do-yeong (Jung Sung-il) is the CEO of Jaepyeong Construction and the husband of Park Yeon-jin, Dong-eun’s most vicious bully. As the series progresses, a complex relationship between the three of them starts to take shape. If you are wondering who Dong-eun ends up with in ‘The Glory,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Moon Dong-eun’s Final Choice: Joo Yeo-jeong

Moon Dong-eun ends up with Joo Yeo-jeong at the end of ‘The Glory.’ In 2004, Dong-eun became a victim of severe bullying at the hands of Yeon-jin and her friends. They beat her up and burned her with curling irons, leaving permanent marks on her body. Yeo-jeong first encounters Dong-eun while the latter has been admitted to the hospital owned by his family.

Like Moon Dong-eun, Yeo-jeong’s past is riddled with tragedy and pain. His father was an exemplary physician, but the man’s kindness ultimately was his undoing. He operated on Kang Yeong-cheon / Prisoner No. 3724, who killed him. Yeo-jeong’ continues to be haunted by the incident. When he discovers what Dong-eun has set out to do, he initially has reservations but ultimately overcomes them and joins her Crusade.

Meanwhile, Do-yeong always had an important role to play in Dong-eun’s overall plans. As Yeon-jin was the leader among her tormentors, Dong-eun wants to punish her the most and take away everything she holds dear away. As a teenager, Yeon-jin had aspirations of having a decent enough job but marrying a wealthy man. And that’s precisely what she has accomplished. She works as a weather presenter on a national TV station and is the wife of a leading industrialist in the country.

Image Credit: Graphyoda/Netflix

Dong-eun discovers that the biological father of Yeon-jin’s daughter Ha Ye-sol isn’t Do-yeong, but Jeon Jae-joon, one of her other tormentors. Armed with this knowledge, Dong-eun wreaks havoc in Yeon-jin’s life and triggers a series of events that ultimately leads to Yeon-jin’s divorce.

Dong-eun learns the game of Go from Yeo-jeong and then uses it to get close to Do-yeong. Although the revelations about infidelity and her past as a bully aren’t enough to pull Do-yeong from his wife’s side, the incarceration for murder does the trick.

Do-yeong eventually divorces Yeon-jin and relocates to London with Ye-sol, but not before killing Jae-joon, so he will not be able to bother them again. While Do-yeong was drawn toward Dong-eun, their relationship was never meant to amount to anything.

After she has completed her revenge, Dong-eun briefly celebrates with Yeo-jeong before vanishing. She burns all the evidence of what she has done before going to the edge of a building’s rooftop, intending to die by suicide. Yeo-jeong’s mother appears in time and convinces her to live for her son. Soon after, Dong-eun shows up at Yeo-jeong’s home and tells him it is now her time to help him exact revenge on the man who killed his father. They infiltrate the penal system and work closely with the convicts, gaining their trust. One of the convicts at the same prison as Yeong-cheon has a sister who was attacked and needs plastic surgery. Yeo-jeong performs the surgery and asks the convict to ensure Yeong-cheon’s transfer to a facility of Yeo-jeong’s choosing. The convict obliges, and he and his friend beat up Yeong-cheon. Just as he arrives at the new prison, Yeong-cheon notices Yeo-jeong and realizes that the other man is there to ensure that he suffers before his death.

In the final scene of the season, Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong arrive at the facility. We don’t get to see whether they accomplish what they have set out to do, but given how resourceful and brilliant these two people are, their success is all but guaranteed.

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