Does No Time to Die Have an End-Credits Scene?

It is no secret that ‘No Time to Die‘ is actor Daniel Craig’s swansong as the stylish and suave British super spy, James Bond. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, the spy movie provides a satisfying conclusion to the present iteration of Bond, which the fans have grown to adore over the period of the last 15 years. As we bid farewell to Craig, the future of the ‘James Bond‘ franchise looks extremely uncertain.

Naturally, fans heading to theaters to watch the movie must be wondering whether there is a post-credits scene that gives us a tease of the iconic character’s next big-screen outing. If you wish to find out whether ‘No Time to Die’ features an end-credits scene, here’s everything you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Does No Time to Die Have a Post-Credits Scene?

‘No Time to Die’ takes the viewers on a wildly unexpected journey through James Bond’s latest mission. At the start of the movie, Bond and his love interest, Madeleine, are driving around the streets of Matera. Bond is at peace and enjoying his time with Madeleine as Spectre leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld has been captured. He tells his lover that they have all the time in the world, which makes the film’s impending climax even more bittersweet as fans know they are seeing Craig as Bond for the final time.

The words hold a greater significance in the world of James Bond as they are the final words of the character in Ian Fleming’s 1963 novel ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,’ which ends with the death of Bond’s love interest. As we throttle towards the climax, the words remind the audience that Madeleine could lose her life.

However, playing with the audience’s expectation, the film delivers a clinical moment with Bond making the ultimate sacrifice to stop the nanobots. Before his death, Bond bids farewell to Madeleine by reminding her that she has all the time in the world to tell their daughter about him. The movie ends with Madeleine telling Mathilde about her father James Bond’s legacy.

Just like that, the curtains fall on Craig’s impressive tenure as Agent 007, and the final scene serves as an ode not just to Bond’s legacy but also Craig’s contributions to it. The credits roll accompanied by Louis Armstrong’s “We Have All the Time in the World” playing in the background which only hammers home the emotional impact of the ending.

Fans hoping to get a tease of the franchise’s future in an extra bonus scene will be disappointed as the film does not include a post-credits scene. However, a reassuring slate promising fans that James Bond will return closes out the credits. The decision to not include an end-credits scene is understandable as it would’ve diluted the farewell vibes of the ending and would’ve been a disservice to Craig’s turn as Bond.

It is also too early to get a sense of a future installment as a new film hasn’t been officially announced, nor has the next actor to take over the iconic role been cast. Nonetheless, fans can still enjoy the soulful track and reminisce about Craig’s time as Bond while the credits roll and celebrate the actor’s final performance in the role.

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