Does Palermo Die in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2?

Martín Berrote is an Argentine engineer and a long-time friend of Berlin. Together, they came up with the plan for the Bank of Spain heist. When they told the Professor about it, he pointed out its shortcomings. Moreover, Palermo was in love with Berlin, and the Professor thought the other man was more concerned about Berlin than his grand scheme. Palermo wasn’t involved in the Royal Mint heist, but after learning that Berlin had died, he grieved for him. After Rio gets taken, the Professor reaches out to Palermo, and they start working on the plan once again.

In the second heist, Palermo takes Berlin’s place in the gang as field commander and proves to be almost as ruthless and vindictive as the other man. And like Berlin, he loses the command when Tokyo overthrows him. He tries to exact vengeance on his teammates by telling Gandia, the bank’s chief of security, how to get himself free, not realizing what a disaster it will turn out to be. Gandia kills Nairobi and later plays a key role in Tokyo deciding to blow herself up. If you are wondering whether Palermo survives in the final outing of ‘Money Heist,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Palermo Die in Money Heist?

No, Palermo doesn’t die in the ‘Money Heist’ season 5 part 2. Like the other gang members, he boards a helicopter in the closing scene of the series and leaves Spain for a better life. Just like before, the show shifts back and forth between several timelines. In one, Palermo and Berlin tell the Professor about their plan, while another shows the current events. There is another timeline that depicts the preparation period for the heist.

Palermo is the only one among the crew members who figures out that the Professor will not just return the gold to the authorities after going through the trouble of stealing it. So, the Professor shares some parts of the plan that even Lisbon doesn’t know with Palermo. Later, when the bank crew members are apprehended by the government forces after the latter group gains access to the bank, Palermo seems to be mysteriously at ease.

It is then revealed that the Professor never had any intention to return the gold. He and his team are ultimately thieves. This is what they do; this is what they are good at. There is hardly anything altruistic about stealing. As the theft of the gold has brought Spain to the brink of financial collapse, the Professor uses it as leverage to force the government to let him and his team go. Instead of the real gold, he gives brass ingots back to the government, and the authorities have to be satisfied with it because otherwise, the robbers threaten that they will cause another financial crisis.

The robbers and the government subsequently work together to make people believe that the Professor and his crew are dead. Palermo receives a new passport along with the others. In the helicopter, he and the Professor share a look, silently acknowledging to each other that they have honored Berlin’s memory.

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