Does Sterling Frost Sr. Kill Charlie in Poker Face?

Peacock’s thriller seriesPoker Face’ follows Charlie Cale’s attempts to hide from Sterling Frost Sr., a potent businessman and crime syndicate member who wants to exact his revenge on the former for causing the death of his son Sterling Frost Jr. Charlie travels from one state to the other, solving murders in between, seeking safety from Sterling Sr.’s right-hand man Cliff. Although Cliff gets extremely close to the human lie detector several times, Charlie finds a way to run away from him. As the first season of the show ends with the tenth episode, titled ‘The Hook,’ the viewers must be intrigued to find out whether the casino owner finally manages to capture and kill Charlie. Let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

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In the premiere episode of the series, Charlie finds out that Sterling Frost Jr. asked Cliff to kill her best friend Natalie and her boyfriend Jerry. Since she knows that the authorities will not bring Sterling Jr. to justice, she lets Kazimir Caine know about the casino owner’s elaborate plan to bring him down. Sterling Jr. realizes that Caine will come after him and his empire, which leads him to kill himself. Sterling Sr., after seeing his son’s dead body, calls Charlie and tells her that he will kill her for causing his son’s death, only to send Cliff to capture her. In the ninth episode of the show, the authorities conclude that Charlie is dead based on the ID cards they find alongside Morty’s dead body.

Cliff goes to Denver, takes a look at the dead body, and realizes that the dead woman is not Charlie, which leads him to the other woman admitted to the hospital. Cliff realizes that Charlie is the other woman and asks Sterling Sr. about the length of the grave he should dig to bury Charlie. The businessman surprises Cliff by asking to take Charlie to Atlantic City, New Jersey, rather than killing her. The right-hand man follows his boss’ order and takes her to him. Charlie fears that Sterling Sr. wants to kill her with his own hands but he not only doesn’t want to kill her but also wants to free her with enough money for a luxurious life ahead.

When Sterling Sr. sees Sterling Jr.’s dead body, his fatherly feelings toward his son conquer his senses. He proclaims to take revenge on Charlie under the influence of those fatherly feelings. By the time Cliff captures her, the businessman’s rationality replaces the same in him. He comes to know about what his son did to Charlie’s best friend and even acknowledges that whatever she did was the right thing to do. That’s when Sterling Sr. realizes the woman’s potential. Rather than killing her, he starts to think like his late son and chooses to use her for his benefit. In return for her freedom and a highly attractive sum of money, Sterling Sr. asks Charlie to attend a meeting with him.

Sterling Sr. is a member of the “Five Families,” a crime syndicate formed by five prominent business families that include the Frosts and Hasps. The businessman knows that, despite their unity to help each other deal with obstacles on their way, the five families are highly competitive against each other. He wants Charlie in the meeting to identify the lies the members of the families would say so that he would know whom to trust and whom to fight. The Frosts have suffered an immense blow due to Sterling Jr.’s death and the patriarch of the family may not want another one troubling his business empire, caused this time by one of his supposed allies.

Thus, Sterling Sr. decides against killing Charlie. He realizes that Sterling Jr. caused his own death by killing Natalie and trying to bring down Kazimir Caine. The businessman doesn’t want to kill Charlie for the mistakes his son committed. Sterling Sr. doesn’t even force Charlie to accept the job he offers her. He lets her know that she is outrightly free to walk away from the place if she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Charlie, however, stays since her curiosity conquers her need to escape from the businessman and his affairs. She accepts the job since it pays her enormously well. Cliff, meanwhile, takes advantage of the situation to kill his boss and frame Charlie as the killer, making her solve the murder to prove her innocence.

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