Does Terricka Abort Her Baby in P-Valley?

In the sixth episode of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2, Terricka startles her mother Mercedes Woodbine by revealing that she is pregnant. Her pregnancy astounds Terricka as well as she fears how it will change her life. In the seventh episode of the season, Mercedes takes Terricka to a clinic in Jackson to conduct a checkup. She also gives her daughter the freedom to choose between keeping or aborting the baby. After pondering both options, Terricka makes a life-altering decision. If you are eager to know whether she aborts the baby, let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Terricka Abort Her Baby?

Yes, Terricka does abort her baby. Upon realizing that Terricka is pregnant, both she and Mercedes think about the best decision for the former. Mercedes takes Terricka to an abortion clinic so that she can get acquainted with the options in front of her before deciding to keep the baby. When Mercedes was pregnant with Terricka, she didn’t have the option of abortion in front of her since her mother Patrice Woodbine forced her to keep the baby. Mercedes doesn’t want Terricka to get forced to keep the baby and wants to give her the freedom to choose what she thinks is best for her.

At first, Terricka considers keeping the baby. She doesn’t want to just abort her unborn child. The father of the baby also wants Terricka to keep the baby, which further makes her consider the same. However, Mercedes makes it clear that the father doesn’t have any say in the matter since he cannot even take responsibility for the baby if she decides against abortion. As a woman and mother, Mercedes makes Terricka understand that the decision of keeping or aborting the baby is solely hers since it is her body. After consulting a specialist, Terricka starts to consider abortion.

As far as Mercedes is concerned, she doesn’t want Terricka to suffer by deciding to keep the baby. Mercedes knows that it will not be easy for a little girl like Terricka to be a mother, especially when the father of the child is another minor who cannot even take care of his own affairs. As a mother, she doesn’t want to stand Terricka regretting the decision to keep the baby and getting forced to take care of a child half-heartedly. But she also knows that at the end of the day, it is Terricka’s decision. Thus, she asks her daughter to drive to Chucalissa if she wants to keep the baby or Jackson if she wants to move forward with the abortion.

Terricka drives to Jackson, indicating that she wants to abort the baby. After listening to Mercedes, she realizes that it is better to welcome a child to the world when she is outrightly ready for it. As an unwelcomed child, Terricka has suffered unbearable pain. She doesn’t want her child to suffer what she has suffered. The possibility of parting with her child as Mercedes did with her may have also played a part in Terricka’s decision to choose abortion over keeping the baby. At the end of the seventh episode of season 2, Terricka rests after the abortion with Mercedes.

Through Terricka’s pregnancy and eventual abortion, ‘P-Valley’ stresses that abortion must remain a choice for women. Terricka’s decision to choose what’s best for her body and life is relevant, especially in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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