Does the Dog Die in Fatal Attraction (2023)?

In Paramount+’s ‘Fatal Attraction,’ Dan has a brief affair with Alex Forrest, his co-worker, leading to drastic consequences for his life. Dan and his family own a pet dog who comes on Alex’s radar when she becomes obsessed with Dan and meddles in his personal life. As a result, viewers must wonder if the dog dies or survives. Therefore, viewers must be looking for answers about the dog’s fate in ‘Fatal Attraction.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Quincy, the Dog, Does Not Die

In ‘Fatal Attraction,’ the story is fueled by the affair between Dan Gallagher and Alexandra “Alex” Forrest, co-workers who are attracted to each other. The narrative jumps between the past and present to unfold the story and explore the consequences of Alex’s fatal obsession with Dan. Dan is married to Beth Gallagher, and the couple have a daughter named Ellen. The family also has a pet dog named Quincy, a labrador. Alex and Dan briefly hook up a few times when Beth and Ellen are out of town.

The second episode sees Quincy destroying Dan and Beth’s house when he is left alone. Later, Dan takes Quincy to the beach with Alex. However, Alex appears to be jealous when Dan pays attention to Quincy. Dan learns that Alex meddled with one of his cases and crafted a victim’s fake statement. As a result, Dan realizes that Alex is becoming obsessed with him and ends things between them. Dan asks Alex to stay away from his house and family.

In the fourth episode, Quincy faces problems after an earring is found in his stomach. Later, Beth entrusts her mother to look after Ellen and Quincy while she is out for work. However, when Beth returns, she is unable to find Quincy and fears the worst. When Beth checks in the yard, she finds Quincy by the pool while her mother is drowning in the water. Dan suspects Alex of trying to harm his family, including Quincy. Nonetheless, Quincy is still alive and does not face a near-death situation as anticipated.

The 1987 film starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, which serves as the source material, does not depict the Gallagher family having a dog as a pet. Instead, Ellen has a pet rabbit in the movie. Later, Alex (Close) kills the rabbit as retribution for Dan’s actions. The horrifying scene in which Beth and Ellen find the rabbit boiled to its death is one of the most recognizable aspects of the original film. However, the television series swaps out the rabbit for a dog as Ellen’s pet. Hence, even though Quincy is safe for now, the adorable labrador could bite the dust down the road.

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