Does the Wolf Mystery Die in Vicky and Her Mystery? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Éric Travers/Radar Films

Directed by Denis Imbert, ‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ is a French film that follows Victoria, who arrives in a mountain village with her father upon the death of her mother. Her dispirited life takes a turn when a villager gifts her a puppy named Mystery. Because of her new pet, Victoria recovers from the grief caused by her mother’s absence.

But Victoria’s cheerfulness comes to a standstill when the villagers get to know that Mystery is really a wolf. Since his life is threatened by the farmers who kill wolves for the safety of their flocks, the viewers must be wondering whether Mystery dies in the film. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Mystery Die in Vicky and Her Mystery?

No, Mystery does not die in ‘Vicky and Her Mystery.’ Victoria’s joyous time with Mystery ends when she goes for a walk with him and her family through the forest. Upon witnessing Mystery’s uninhibitedness in front of a wolf, Victoria’s father Stéphane becomes suspicious. With the help of Anna, he confirms that Mystery is a wolf. But his attempts to hide the wolf fail when the villagers track wolf paw prints to his farm. They realize that Mystery is a wolf and inform the authorities to take him away to a nature reserve.

Image Credit: Éric Travers/Radar Films

However, Mystery escapes from the reserve and returns to Victoria and the village. But he gets shot by a villager, who kills wolves to protect his flock. Fortunately, Stéphane does an operation to save Mystery in the nearby house of Bruno. As a surgeon, he treats the wolf with the available amenities and saves him from death. To a distressed Victoria, Stéphane says that her pet is safe. Even though he gets saved, Stéphane and Victoria realize that Mystery can be killed anytime if he continues to live with them.

With the help of Anna, Stéphane acquires an official authorization that allows Mystery to live unharmed in the valley. Since the authorization limits the farmers to kill Mystery, Victoria releases him in the valley to join other wolves, in pain. Even though she does it reluctantly, she saves Mystery from any harm or threat from the armed villagers. Her selflessness and Stéphane’s attempts to acquire legal permission provide Mystery with a secure habitat. Victoria and Stéphane’s realization that Mystery is prone to danger when he is with them saves the wolf from any eventual danger.

Victoria resists her own attachment with Mystery to save him from the death that looms around the village. Her understanding that he needs to be distanced from the humans allows her to make the decision in favor of Mystery’s well-being. With the legal document, Victoria and her father succeed in distancing Mystery from a second gunshot and death.

Considering the pain Victoria suffers to provide safety to Mystery, we can hope that he will remain unharmed in the valley. As the last few shots of the film suggest, Mystery is no longer under the threat of the village folks since he finds a haven in the vastness of the valleys and mountains.

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