Does Veronica Leave New Amsterdam? Did Michelle Forbes Leave the Show?

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In the second half of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam’ season 4, Max decides to stay back in New York to make sure that the reign of Veronica Fuentes in New Amsterdam will come to an end. Even though he even succeeds in involving the DOJ to bring her down, Veronica protects her position and astounds Max.

In the twentieth episode of the fourth season, Max not only accepts defeat but also looks forward to living three years without practicing medicine due to a term in his contract with UMI. However, Veronica confronts an unforeseen development that threatens her position in New Amsterdam. So, does she leave the hospital for good? Did Michelle Forbes’ journey in the show come to an end? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Veronica Leave New Amsterdam?

When the DOJ and Feds decide to not move forward with investigating UMI’s accounts, Max’s efforts to bring down Veronica fail to yield any results. All the strategies he has devised to end her career meet dead ends. In addition, she also makes him work under her since he has to fulfill his contract with UMI. With no other way to resist Veronica, he decides to terminate his contract even if it means not practicing medicine for three years. However, the fight he starts to end the medical director’s ruthless rule doesn’t end with his defeat. The essential workers at New Amsterdam decide to protest against Veronica to force her out of the hospital.

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Veronica makes the lives of the essential workers working in New Amsterdam miserable. She makes the workers use cheap and low-quality gloves, only for them to contract rashes. In addition, she orders incineration of hospital waste instead of recycling, limits the lunch break time, and imposes double shifts twice a week, affecting their health. The workers who have deservedly benefited from Max’s rule struggle to lead a healthy life under his replacement. For the sake of themselves and Max, they try to force Veronica out by going on a strike.

Janitors, orderlies, technicians, mechanics, groundskeepers, plumbers, carpenters, security officials, and electricians working at New Amsterdam stop working their shifts to take part in the protest. Due to the lack of staff, the ED ceases to function properly and surgeries get postponed, forcing a shut down in the hospital. In light of the bad reputation, the board members put pressure on Veronica, forcing her to leave New Amsterdam. Although Veronica wins the battle against Max, she loses the war against the workers who make New Amsterdam a hospital.

The workers fight for Max, who made their lives better in the past and who can do the same in the future, which results in Veronica’s departure from the hospital. As she quits from her post at the hospital, one must be thinking whether Michelle Forbes had bid her adieu to the medical drama. Let’s see!

Did Michelle Forbes Leave New Amsterdam?

Yes, Michelle Forbes did leave ‘New Amsterdam.’ Veronica’s departure from New Amsterdam concludes the character’s storyline, opening a gateway for the actress to leave the show. After the broadcast of the twentieth episode of season 4, Forbes expressed her gratitude towards her fellow cast and crew members of the show. “Spent some wonderful time recently with the very special folks over at #newamsterdam playing a somewhat wretched character. It’s the loveliest company with the sweetest people and I so enjoyed my time with them. Was really grateful to get to know them,” the actress shared.

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Forbes also confirmed that Veronica has “finally gone” while replying to a fan’s comment. Veronica’s departure and Forbes’ exit mark the conclusion of an engrossing storyline of the fourth season of the show. In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Max to choose between Veronica’s position or returning to Helen. We can also look forward to seeing incredible performances by Michelle Forbes in her upcoming projects.

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