Do Helen and Max Get Married in New Amsterdam? Theories

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The fourth season of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam’ depicts the endearing relationship of Max and Helen, who overcomes every obstacle that tests their bond. From their initial move to London to Max’s return to New Amsterdam, the couple goes through several changes and yet succeeds in protecting their companionship. In the seventeenth episode of the fourth season, Max and Helen decide that it is time for them to take the next step in their relationship. Even amid adverse conditions, they assure their love for each other, making one intrigued about their marriage. Well, let’s take a look at the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Helen and Max Get Married?

When Helen arrives in New York from London after Max starts to oversee the operation of UMI in New Amsterdam, the latter decides to propose to his girlfriend. He buys a ring and finds a fancy restaurant for the same, only to get disappointed. Helen, after consuming poisoned alcohol, faces death at a distance due to blood clots all over her body. Max, upon deciding to not wait any longer, proposes to Helen and she replies yes. However, Helen’s condition becomes worse and she undergoes procedures to remove the clots. After the procedures, the oncologist loses her ability to speak.

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Although Max and Helen decide that it is high time to tie the knot, the latter’s condition raises a question concerning their impending marriage. According to creator David Schulner, Helen’s loss of ability to speak will test their relationship, possibly affecting the prospects of their marriage. In an interview given in April 2022, Schulner made it clear that Helen’s condition will play a significant part in answering whether they really belong to each other. Thus, Helen and Max’s compatibility, or incompatibility for that matter, while dealing with the former’s loss of ability to speak will most likely determine whether they will get married.

Helen and Max have fought several challenges that affected their relationship together, only to overcome them one after the other. The former’s loss of ability to speak may turn out to be such a challenge that cannot part the admirable couple. She is courageous enough to adapt to her new condition. As someone who has survived several severe conflicts concerning her family and career, she may prove once again how well she can manage the surprises of life. Max, on the other hand, may use his contacts to ensure that Helen will receive adequate medical support to deal with her condition.

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When Max suffers from cancer, Helen sacrifices her time and energy to ensure that he is receiving proper care. She even prioritizes him over her relationship at the time. As Max encounters his girlfriend’s condition, he may try his best to ensure that he will be there for her as she was there for him. In the upcoming episodes, we may see the boundlessness of Max’s love for Helen as he may take care of her impeccably. Such a possible experience is expected to make both of them understand how much they love each other, leading them to their potential marriage.

Considering the strength of Helen and Max’s bond, their marriage is indeed a possibility. However, the admirers of “Sharpwin” may need to wait a little while for the same since the adorable couple needs to deal with the unforeseen occurrence that affects their bond before tying the knot.

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