Dominique Defoe From Too Hot to Handle: Here’s All We Know About Her

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ is arguably the steamiest dating reality TV show that takes the dating genre of reality TV to a new level. Do you have what it takes to curb your deepest desires when lust is rubbing on your face? This is precisely what our contestants of season 4’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ have to face. However, the super-hot singles don’t know what they have signed up for. Under the disguise of a new dating show called ‘Wild Love’ hosted by the famous Mario Lopez, the contestants have expected to fall in love and explore their sexual fantasies more intensely.

However, little do they know they would have to fight their lust demons and practice complete abstinence, or they must face the wrath of a robot sex cop. The contestants begin with a whopping sum, from which a certain amount is deducted every time a rule is broken. Season 4 introduced several hot singles, one of which is beauty with brains is Dominique Defoe. Her gorgeous looks and talented personality piqued the curiosity of fans about her personal life. Naturally, many must wish to know more about her family and career and whether she has a special someone in her life. Well, let’s find out!

Dominique Defoe Shares a Close Bond With Her Sister

A native of Boulder, Colorado, Dominique Defoe was born on November 11, 1999. As per reports, the reality TV star has a sister named Cris, with whom she shares a close bond. She truly ticks all the boxes when it comes to talent, personality, and stunning looks. This 23-year-old beauty is presently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The skillful star is an avid reader, a trained ballet dancer, and loves playing with her tarot cards. When she’s not coding, Dominique’s fixated on her world of fantasies penning down her creative thoughts in her alternative Instagram account, Dominiques Elixirs. One should not take this brainiac for an everyday nerd. She loves enjoying herself with her friends and lives her life to the fullest. Checking off countries from her bucket list is a hobby that our beloved reality TV star enjoys.

Dominique Defoe’s Profession

Apart from entertaining the world on one of the most famous reality TV shows, Dominique is presently pursuing her degree and is not yet fishing for a job. However, she is a social media influencer with a significant following of around 140k on TikTok. She has over 5k followers on her main Instagram account and around 200 followers on her creative account. As a social media influencer, she also promotes products on a small business platform, LTK. She further uses the Amazon affiliate program to promote products on her page.

Dominique Defoe’s Dating Life

Dominique Defoe does not seem to be in a relationship as of now. She was known to be in a relationship with her high school sweetheart and prom date, Kru, with whom she shared sweet and romantic moments. However, it can be speculated that the couple split after leaving school on their paths. At present, Dominique is single and is ready to get down but with rules on the show to find the love of her life in a much more fun and adventurous way. We wish her the best and hope she manifests her way to the top!

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