Donie Burch From Dancing Queens: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credits: Donie Burch/ Instagram

Weaving a story with grace and poise, Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens’ features six contestants going against each other to win the title of the best ballroom dancer. With adroit dexterity accentuating each movement, the six contestants entwine complexity within their performances to get to the top. While the reality TV show follows six amateur contestants vying for the top price, it is not without its scoop of drama.

As the six amateur dancers compete on the dance floor and use different methods of sabotage to get ahead of their rivals, the ensuing result creates drama. Donie Burch is one of the contestants of Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens’ who has amazed viewers with her skills. So, if you want to learn more about the entertainment reality star, look no further because we’ve got all the answers for you right here!

Donie Burch and Her Dallas Roots

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Donnie Burch has lived in numerous places throughout her lifetime. Though she is currently based in New York, the reality TV star has also lived in San Francisco, California, and considers herself a proud Texan. Furthermore, she is family-oriented and efficiently manages her career while making time for her loved ones. Donie graduated from Kingwood High School in Texas in 1996. She then went on to study dance at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Having graduated with a degree in dance and proficiency in the performative arts, Donie looked elsewhere to start her career.

Donie Burch’s Profession

The ambitious dancer moved to New York to kickstart her career as a performer. However, young Donie failed to find opportunities in the Empire State. As such, she started working as a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman in New York in 2000. With a conscientious effort, Donie continued her role as a buyer until she shifted to another company in New York called Bluefly in 2003.

From there on, Donie explored many other niches and started working as a Design Merchandise Coordinator at Uniqlo in 2005. Following a brief stint at Uniqlo, the reality TV star moved back to Texas and started working at Tootsies as a Buyer and Designer. Finally, after creating a vivid portfolio in retail that gave her an analytical viewpoint, Donie went on to pursue her passion for dancing. She started working as a Retail Buyer and Merchandiser at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York and continued her journey into dance.

Over the years, Donie continued to hone her skills as a dancer and performer with her partner Iliah Vinikovskiy. While her struggle on ‘Dancing Queens’ vis her physique has made her question the judges, her dedication to her craft is still visible to all. Donie’s multi-faceted career and interests naturally add to her appeal in Bravo TV’s reality TV show.

Donie Burch is Likely Not Dating Anyone

From what we can tell, the lack of a significant other in Donie’s social media posts seemingly indicates that she is single. Even so, she continues to make remarkable changes in her life in line with her interests and passions. For instance, Donie is an avid food lover. The entertainment reality TV star prefers Mexican cuisine for its unique recipes and mouth-watering delicacies. She is also a doting aunt and regularly shares her adoration for her niece and nephew on social media.

Besides, Donie takes time for herself by regularly going out with friends and colleagues. Though her interests and passions keep her busy, she still takes time for relaxation and travel. The reality TV star visits several prominent locations across the globe to experience culture and nature at its finest. Moreover, she enjoys her professional success and exceeds in her artistic pursuits. Nevertheless, we continue to look forward to Donie Burch’s personal and professional growth and wish her the best for her future!

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