All We Know About Marissa Lucchesse From Double Shot at Love

Double Shot at Love‘ is a reality dating game show by MTV that first premiered in 2019. A reboot of the not-so-successful 2008-2009 reality show, ‘A Double Shot at Love,’ the 2019 reboot stars Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D of ‘Jersey Shore’ fame as its hosts and follows a similar format to the original show, wherein a host of beautiful young women vie for the affections of the two reality TV stars. Marissa Lucchese was one of the 20 contestants from Season 1 of ‘Double Shot at Love,’ and while she didn’t win the hearts of Vinny or Pauly, she managed to win the hearts of many fans across the world.

Marissa’s popularity among the audience also won her a spot in the cast of Season 2 of ‘Double Shot at Love,’ which premiered on June 11, 2020. So, if you’re among those who are interested in knowing more about Marissa’s life, we’ve got you covered.

Marissa Lucchesse: Where is She From?

One of the youngest contestants in the show, Marissa Patricia Lucchese was born in the quiet village of Massapequa Park in Nassau County in the state of New York. She is a proud American citizen who, according to her Twitter handle, currently resides in the bustling urbanscape of Long Island, New York City. Here’s Marissa at Hemlock Cove, Long Island.

Marissa Lucchesse’s Family:

While Marissa is a public personality of much fame, not much is known about her family as she likes keeping her familial ties close to her chest. However, what we do know, according to Marissa’s various interviews, is that none of her family members, including herself, attended college and are self-made people, the American way. Her Instagram posts also reveal that she has a godson by the name of Gianni, who she is very close to. See it here.

Although there’s not a lot of information to go by, what we do know about Marissa tells us that she is a family-oriented person who likes to keep her work life at a distance from her private life.

Marissa Lucchese: Age and Profession:

When Marissa made her debut in Season 1 of ‘Double Shot at Love,’ she, along with Maria Elizondo and Michelle “Mish” Gao, was among the youngest contestants in the show, at the age of 22.

Although Marissa only graduated high school and did not attend college, she, like her family members, carved out her path in the world. Channeling her passion for fashion, she trained herself as a cosmetologist, and despite her young age, racked up seven years of experience as a make-up artist. She eventually went on to establish her line of luxury lashes, Glamouriss Luxury Lashes, which prides itself on creating cruelty-free luxury lashes that cater to the tastes of every girl. Here’s Marissa promoting her product.

Marissa Lucchese: Double Shot at Love Journey:

Although Marissa didn’t find the love she was seeking in Season 1 of ‘Double Shot at Love,’ she went a long way and was eliminated in episode 10. From the start, Marissa didn’t gel well with Vinnie due to their contrasting personalities, but she did vibe with Pauly. In the end, however, she got eliminated because Pauly perceived her more as a friend than a potential girlfriend.

Marissa’s elimination, however, did not stop her from keeping in touch with Pauly, and in her own words, they parted on good terms. Further, Marissa also kept in touch with Pauly over text messages and eventually found her way into the cast of Season 2.

According to show creators MTV, “Marissa is not looking for love [in Season 2] and is excited about a no-strings-attached summer. When she meets someone who catches her eye, will she stick to her plan or get her heart broken again?” Only time will tell. Watch on to know how she fares.

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