Doubling Down With the Derricos Family: Names and Ages

From the home of shows like ‘OutDaughtered’ and ‘Sweet Home Sextuplets,’ comes another family docu-series titled ‘Doubling Down with the Derricos,’ that follows the day-to-day activities of a family of 16. The Derrico family comprises 14 kids, including a pair of quintuplets, triplets, and two sets of twins. The show documents how the married couple Karen and Deon Derrico raise their adorable lot while tackling all the hurdles that arise in their lives with understanding and warmth. If you wish to smile till your cheeks hurt, this show might be perfect for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the Derricos family!

Doubling Down with the Derricos Family: Names and Ages

Let’s start with the patriarch and matriarch of the Derrico family – Karen and Deon Derrico, who started dating years ago, after meeting at a nightclub. A Kingstree native, Karen Derrico, is a 40-years-old stay-at-home mother and a breast-feeding advocate. Karen’s husband and the father of all fourteen of her kids, Deon Derrico, is forty-nine. The family lives in Las Vegas, where Derrico works as a real estate agent to provide for his family. The married couple feels blessed to have a supersized and loving family but they also acknowledge the trials and tribulations that come with the pack.

Throwing light on this, Deon said, “Having four sets of multiples back to back? It’s like getting struck by lightning while getting struck by lightning. Many parents know with just one child, two children, it’s a job. But when you have soon-to-be 14, it’s a job.” We all know parenting is hard but it gets super challenging when you have 12 young children running around the house, causing chaos. Deon is the youngest son of Marian Derrico. In January 2020, a tragedy struck the Derrico family when Deon’s eldest brother Christopher (Chris) Turner suddenly passed away at his home in Detroit.

Thankfully, Deon’s nephew Eric Jefferson and his wife Mami Fifi are always around to extend their support and help the family in whatever way they can. Eric looks up to Deon as a father figure and never misses a chance to express his love and gratitude for him on social media. Check out the picture of the grandmother-grandson duo, i.e., Deon’s nephew and mother below!

The Derrico Kids: Names and Ages

With so many kids on screen, there is bound to be confusion among viewers. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Darian is the eldest daughter in the Derrico family. She is 14-year-old and loves to dance, sing, act, draw, and play volleyball. Being the eldest sibling, Dai takes up the responsibility of looking after her siblings to lessen the load of her parents. The ambitious first-born aspires to be a fashion designer when she grows up! Oh, and she also has a “teeny-tiny crush” on her swimming instructor.

The eldest brother among the Derrico siblings is 9-year-old Derrick. The young preteen is a tech enthusiast and loves to spend time researching about amazing facts and other stuff on his tablet. He loves to play basketball and looks up to late basketball legend Kobe Bryant as an inspiration. Also, Derrick hates naps because “they’re stupid.” We didn’t say it. He did!

Karen and Deon named their first set of twins Dallas and Denver. They were born just a year after Derrick’s birth. Here’s a picture of the twins, with their smirk game on!

Next up, is the six-year-old Derrico quintuplets. By the order of their birth, the names of the quints are Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten. Deniko is the leader of the quint pack, while Deonee leads the girls. When Karen was pregnant after having the twins, little did the couple knew there were five babies in Karen’s womb. Check out the likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, and aspirations of the quintuplets in the video below!

The second set of twins are two-year-old Dior and Diez. Karen refers to Dior and Diez as a supervisor and manager as they are always active and ready to take charge of everything, except maybe wearing pants! Diez and Dior were born triplets but their brother Carter couldn’t survive after birth. Therefore, the three-year-olds are referred to as “triplins” by Deon and Karen to honor Carter’s memory.

The latest set of babies to enter the Derrico household are Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver. The show features scenes when Karen is pregnant with the triplets, who were born in mid-2019. In case you’re wondering why the names of all the kids start with the letter D, that’s because the abbreviation of their father’s name is a triple D – Deon Derrick Derrico. Here’s a picture of the family celebrating the first birthday of the triplets.

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