Dreamland Baby on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

Shark Tank‘ has been giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to impress a panel of investors with the help of a simple presentation so as to expand their venture and take it on a higher level ever since its inception in 2009. Through entertainment, this reality series has educated people about what a good business idea comprises of, and how it should be run. Even if an organization is unable to bag an investor, the exposure they get from this ABC original series can act as a big boost.

Season 11, Episode 24 of ‘Shark Tank’ introduced us to the Tara Williams and her company Dreamland Baby. And if you’re want to know more about the company, here is everything we know.

Dreamland Baby: Who Are They?

Tara Williams came up with the idea of creating weighted blankets made especially for toddlers when she happened to place a heavy blanket on her fussy and grumpy six-month-old baby, Luke, who immediately calmed down and fell asleep. After being able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in quite some time, Tara decided that a weighted blanket is exactly what every parent needed to ensure that their child was comfortable, cozy, and most importantly, happy.


On the internet, she found options for adults, children, and even pets, but nothing for toddlers, so she took it upon herself to provide for them and built Dreamland Baby. With safety being her topmost priority, she collaborated with pediatricians, NICU nurses, and Certified Sleep Consultants in order to design her products and make sure that it is perfected.

Dreamland Baby: What Do They Do?

The company offers wearable weighted blankets or Weighted Sacks that swaddle a toddler and gives them the warmth and comfort of human touch. The pure cotton sacks are only weighted on the front with non-toxic beads and have two-way zippers that allow parents to have easy access when they need to change diapers. The lightweight of the blanket enables the baby to stand, sit, and roll-over without any issues as well.


By providing sensory integration and deep-touch pressure, the blankets increase serotonin and melatonin while decreasing cortisol in the baby, which soothes their anxiety and calms them for longer. It’s basically a hug for the baby. The company offers just this single product but in three different sizes, making them 0 to 22-month-old infants.

Their smallest size is 26″ from shoulder to toe, which is for 0-6 month 8 lbs and up infants, followed by the 30″ blanket for 15 lbs and up 6 to 12-month-old, and finally, their biggest size is 34″ shoulder to toe sack especially designed for infants weighing 20 lbs and up aged between 12-22 months.


You can check out their website to know more details about the products and the company itself. They also have a separate page dedicated solely to the reviews they receive, so you can make up your mind about their products by reading what their customers have written. Their social media pages are also very active in promoting their products and enhancing what they stand for, so make sure to give it a look. You can check out their YouTube video below:

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