Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction Ending, Explained: Does Cazotte Seduce Ehrengard?

‘Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction’ is a Danish film set in the fictional kingdom of Babenhausen. The comedy-drama, helmed by Bille August, follows a self-appointed expert on seduction, Mr. Cazotte, who is hired by the Grand Duchess of the kingdom to help the Crown Prince learn the tricks of lovemaking. However, things do not go as planned which puts the Crown Prince’s claim to the throne at stake.

Meanwhile, Cazotte tries to woo Ehrengard, the maid of honor. The period romantic film, starring Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Alice Bier Zanden, Emilie Kroyer Koppel, Emil Aron Dorph, and Jacob Lohmann, concludes on a high note. If you are pondering over how things eventually pan out for Cazotte and the royal family, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of the film! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction Plot Synopsis

In the kingdom of Babenhausen, the Grand Duchess commissions Cazotte, a charismatic painter known for his way with women, to paint her portrait. Smitten by his charm, she invites him to the Grand Ball, where Cazotte encounters Ehrengard, the daughter of the conservative aide-de-camp to the former Duke, only to get immediately attracted to her. During this event, the Grand Duchess confides in Cazotte about a pressing concern: Crown Prince Lothar’s claim to the throne is under threat from their royal cousins, the Marbods. Lothar remains a bachelor and marriage is a prerequisite for inheriting the throne in their realm. The Grand Duchess strikes a deal with Cazotte: if he teaches Lothar the art of seduction, she will arrange for him to paint Ehrengard’s portrait.

Cazotte’s efforts bear fruit as he successfully guides Lothar to seduce Ludmilla. However, their plan goes awry as Ludmilla becomes pregnant months before their wedding. To hide the scandal, Cazotte comes up with a scheme to send Lothar and Ludmilla to the secluded Rosenbad Castle for nine months, away from public scrutiny. He persuades the Grand Duchess to include Ehrengard as a lady-in-waiting in their company. The two also make a wager that if Cazotte seduces Ehrengard, he secures a position at the court but if he doesn’t, he must sleep with the Grand Duchess.

In Rosenbad, Cazotte begins his endeavor to pursue Ehrengard. Instead of relying on physical touch, as he does with other women, he seeks to captivate her with words and art. While the two form a gradual connection, he secretly paints her naked portrait by a forest lake each morning. Meanwhile, Princess Ludmilla gives birth and Cazotte hires Lisbeth, a local wet nurse, against her husband Matthias’ wishes. The Marbods, sensing something fishy, attempt to visit the Princess but are denied entry to the castle. Determined to uncover the truth, they bribe a local bartender who directs them to Matthias, who reveals the baby’s birth has already occurred.

Simultaneously, Ehrengard overhears Cazotte’s conversation with the Grand Duchess about his seduction tactics and discovers his secret painting. To put an end to the Marbods’ suspicion, the Grand Duchess orchestrates a picnic with them, where Princess Ludmilla is shown six months pregnant with the support of a cushion. However, the Marbods bribe Matthias to steal the baby while everyone is at the picnic, setting off a chain of chaotic and humorous events.

Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction Ending: Does Cazotte Seduce Ehrengard? Do They End Up Together?

No, Cazotte and Ehrengard do not end up together. He is not able to seduce her even after trying his best. The dynamics between the two form an integral storyline in the film. From the very first sight at the Grand Ball, Cazotte is attracted to Ehrengard and wants to win her over, only for her to deny his advances due to her conservative father and also because she is already engaged and is in love with her fiancé Kurt. When the two meet after a long gap, Ehrengard has already forgotten about Cazotte, especially while the painter has been busy planning how he can spend some time with her.

At Rosenbad, Cazotte slowly and steadily builds a connection with Ehrengard. From waking up early every day and going horse-riding with her, an activity he isn’t even good at, to not giving up on her even after getting to know about her engagement, Cazotte’s obsession with Ehrengard remains ablaze. Although he initially considers using his “old-fashioned” methods to seduce her, Cazotte eventually grows fond of her while painting her portrait and decides to make use of his art to charm her. Ehrengard also starts to trust him gradually.

However, Cazotte commits a blunder when he begins to paint Ehrengard’s naked portrait at the lake without her consent or knowledge. When she finds out the truth by overhearing his conversation with the Grand Duchess, she gets pissed. And while she pretends to be in a relationship with Cazotte in front of the Marbods, in her heart, she has no respect left for him. She finally goes back to her fiancé at the end, making Cazotte realize that even though he claims to be a seduction expert, there are still some women off his limits.

Does Lothar Get Disinherited? Do the Marbods Inherit the Throne?

No, Lothar does not get disinherited and the Marbods do not inherit the throne. A major plot point in the film is the Grand Duchess’ worry about the throne being snatched from her family. Her fear almost comes true when the Marbods are successful in getting to know that the birth of a baby has taken place at the castle soon after Prince Lothar and Princess Ludmilla’s wedding. However, Ehrengard comes up with a master plan that ruins their scheme. During the picnic, as Matthias steals the baby from the castle and escapes toward his home, the royal family and the rest of the party chase him through the forest.

As everyone gathers at Matthias’ home, the Marbods tell the Grand Duchess to stop playing games with them as they know the truth. At this point, Ehrengard claims that the baby is hers, surprising everyone. On being asked who the father is, she takes Cazotte’s name and goes on to show them her objectionable drawings sketched by the painter to prove that they are in a relationship. Hence, the royal family is able to conceal their secret from the public and Prince Lothar inherits the throne without any opposition.

Who Wins the Wager? What Happens to Cazotte?

The Grand Duchess wins the wager as Cazotte fails to seduce Ehrengard. As per the terms of the wager, she gets to sleep with the painter. From the very beginning, the Grand Duchess is captivated by Cazotte and after making several advances toward him throughout the film, she finally comes up with a way to sleep with him. When Cazotte asks her to convince Ehrengard to accompany the group to Rosenbad as a lady-in-waiting, the Grand Duchess takes advantage of the situation. Believing that Cazotte may not succeed in his endeavor, she comes up with the wager, which the painter happily agrees to, having complete faith in his seduction skills.

However, there is a shift in Cazotte’s perspective by the end of the film as he fails to attract Ehrengard. Meanwhile, Ehrengard’s fiancé comes up with a strategy to settle the score with him. Being a skilled shooter, he arranges for guns for himself and Cazotte upon challenging the painter to a duel. Cazotte, knowing that the odds are not in his favor, seemingly shoots his own foot to escape the situation. As per the terms of the wager, he doesn’t secure a job at the court and eventually leaves the kingdom. Cazotte then moves to Rome, where he hones his artistic skills even further. But his charm remains intact wherever he goes as women are mesmerized by him. He calls himself a “Casanova,” referring to the popular Italian author and adventurer, who was infamous for being a womanizer.

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