Who Dies at the End of Elite Season 7? Who is the Killer?

The finale of the seventh season of Netflix’s teen seriesElite’ begins with an unrevealed death that happens in the city of Madrid. The episode then follows Raúl, Eric, and Catalina, as they confront a major turning point in their lives. When Chloe learns about her boyfriend’s sexual encounter with his ex-girlfriend Sara, Raúl shows his true face to her by controlling her. Isadora’s father Martín plots the murder of Catalina. Eric, at the same time, considers killing himself after fighting with his beloved cousin Nico. So, whose life perishes at the end of the Spanish show’s seventh round? Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Toxic Boyfriend

Raúl dies at the end of ‘Elite’ season 7. When Sara breaks up with him due to his controlling and overpowering behavior, Raúl sets out to get back at her by forming a relationship with Chloe. Initially, he takes care of Chloe well, which astounds her. After hearing a lot about his toxicity, Raúl’s attitude towards her convinces her to share her life with him. He then uses their togetherness to make Sara jealous. Although she falls for his trap at first, Jéssica makes it clear to her that Raúl is trying to make her suffer. Sara realizes her ex-partner’s intentions, which leads her to have sex with him to take a video of the same.

Sara shows the video to Carmen, Chloe’s mother. Carmen gets worried about her daughter’s well-being, especially since Raúl has intentionally distanced the latter from her. Soon, Chloe watches the video and understands that Raúl has been cheating on her. When she sets out to leave him, he threatens to hurt her. He displays his true nature in front of Chloe and controls her. Raúl even slaps her to make her stay with him. What he doesn’t realize is that his vicious actions eventually turn out to be his death sentence. While he hurts Chloe to make her surrender to him, Carmen shows up at his apartment to check in on her daughter.

The Responsible Mother

Carmen and Chloe’s relationship gets badly affected when the latter learns that her mother made out with her brother Iván. Disgusted, she starts to stay away from Carmen, only to end up in the hands of Raúl, who captivates her with his deception. Without Chloe realizing the gravity of his controlling nature, Raúl distances her from her mother by presenting the latter as a mere toxic presence in their lives. He also blocks Carmen from Chloe’s phone, putting a temporary end to the mother and daughter’s relationship. But Carmen doesn’t give up on Chloe no matter what, especially after talking to Sara about Raúl.

Carmen understands that Raúl has trapped Chloe with his deception, which leads her to save her daughter from him. When she shows up at his apartment, she sees a slap mark on one of Chloe’s cheeks, which triggers her. Carmen then sends her daughter to Iván and takes Raúl to the roof of his apartment complex. Even though he threatens to kill her, Carmen manages to distract him by telling him that she needs ice. Her words puzzle Raúl, only for her to take advantage of the same. Carmen then pushes him to the ground from the roof, only for Raúl to die.

Raúl loses his life because he tries to destroy someone’s life after ruining Sara’s. He doesn’t learn anything from Sara’s decision to break up with him and therefore, he continues to be toxic and controlling, this time to Chloe. When he crosses a line, however, Chloe retaliates and her mother comes to her rescue. Carmen saves her daughter by making sure that Raúl will never be able to threaten her or any girl for that matter anymore.

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