Elizabeth Killham and Robin Moore From Race to Survive Alaska: Everything We Know

USA Network’s ‘Race to Survive: Alaska‘ is a reality TV show that follows eight teams of two competing in a 750-mile race across Alaska’s harsh terrain. The teams must navigate through snow-covered mountains, frozen rivers, and dense forests to reach the finish line. Along the way, they face numerous challenges, including extreme weather conditions, dangerous wildlife, and limited resources.

The show highlights the physical and emotional challenges of the race and the unique beauty of Alaska’s wilderness. Amongst the different teams, Elizabeth Killham and Robin Moore won the audience’s hearts with their daredevil tendencies and strategic gameplay. If you are curious to know more about the awesome twosome, we’ve got you covered.

Elizabeth and Robin: Family Values and Daring Backgrounds

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Elizabeth is a 36-year-old adventurist who teamed up with Robin Moore, whom she met at a skydiving trip in Egypt, and realized they shared a passion for pushing their physical limits. Elizabeth is a true family-oriented person. Though she has not revealed any personal information about her loved ones, she truly believes “Family is Everything” and prioritizes spending quality time with her close-knit family. 45-year-old Robin Moore, much like her teammate Elizabeth Killham is a daredevil and loves to stay on edge. Again the doctor duo chose their perfect teammates when they found each other in Egypt.

Elizabeth Killham and Robin Moore’s Profession

Elizabeth, the daredevil graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in biology from William and Mary College. Elizabeth is an Associate Veterinarian and Medical Director with the Community Pet Hospital. Thanks to multi-clinic support and leadership, she is interested in mentoring future veterinary graduates, students, interns, and technicians. The Veterinarian has a vast understanding of the treatment of large-breed dogs and has interests in mentoring, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, and preventative care. She has been able to pursue her love for advanced treatment in dentistry and surgery within her facilities because of her continued education and research.

Elizabeth currently lives with Susadei, her Great Dane rescue from California, Duckie the “labra duck,” Keona, a domestic shorthair, and Dogwood (a ragdoll mix). Her non-veterinary hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, wingsuit skydiving, and all other outdoor pursuits.  Hailing from Roxboro, North Carolina, the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University alum is much more than an Emergency Medicine Physician. The multifaceted Robin is a registered and licensed pilot, gymnast, dancer, pianist, horse rider, and cheerleader.


The reality TV star began her career as a Veterinarian at Cross Creek Veterinary Hospital, where she spent four years before switching roles. Elizabeth worked at a small animal hospital in North Carolina after receiving her Ph.D. before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2016 to pursue her goals. Currently, the thrill-seeking Veterinarian is single and focusing on creating more backpacking adventures.

Robin completed her residency in emergency medicine at the New York Methodist Hospital, where she is presently employed as an Emergency Medicine Physician. She also works at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and North Shore Medical Center. In addition to her professional qualifications, Robin is an Ironman triathlete, scuba diver, hang glider pilot, mountaineer, skydiver, rock climber, paraglider, skier, and aerial dancer. One notable fact about her is that she has claimed Mount Everest. Following her summit, the ER doctor wanted to inspire others and give back to society, so she became a Motivational Speaker for kids.

Elizabeth Killham and Robin Moore’s Dating Life

Elizabeth Killham and Robin Moore are not currently dating anyone. Elizabeth is a well-known adventure seeker and a vet who gained popularity for her travel and adventure content. She has a huge following on various social media platforms, where she shares her thrilling experiences with her fans. Despite her popularity, Elizabeth has managed to keep her personal life relatively private.

On the other hand, Robin Moore is a popular doctor as well and loves thrill-seeking adventures. The conservationist is known for his work in protecting endangered species. Like Elizabeth, she also seems to keep his personal life away from the limelight. Both Elizabeth and Robin seem to be focusing on their careers and passions and are not currently in a publicized romantic relationship. Overall, while it’s unclear whether Elizabeth and Robin will find love in the future, they seem content with their adventurous lives and positively impacting the world around them.


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