Evil Season 3 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

Evil‘ season 3 sees David, Kristen, and Ben dealing with new and compelling cases of seemingly paranormal occurrences that make them question their faiths. In the fourth episode, titled ‘The Demon of the Road,’ the Church assessors are asked to investigate a case that sees truck drivers become subjects of haunting and inexplicable events on a remote highway.

Dubbed “Ghost Highway,” the road presents a stern challenge to David, Kristen, and Ben, who come face to face with a deadly threat. If you are wondering how the trio’s latest demon-hunting assignment pans out, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Evil’ season 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Evil Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘The Demon of the Road,’ opens with Sister Andrea being approached by church officials who try to force her into retirement. However, Sister Andrea refuses to bend to their will and demands a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether she is fit to fulfill her duties as a nun. Meanwhile, a woman named Jacqueline approaches David and asks him to investigate a case of seemingly demonic possession related to her husband. David asks Kristen and Ben to help him with the investigation, and the trio arrives at Jacqueline’s home. They meet her truck driver husband, Jason, who experienced a haunting event on a highway exit.

Jason reveals that while returning home, he was followed by a strange figure. When Ben suggests that it might have been a drone, Jason argues that the figure’s movements and sound were unlike anything he has seen before. Jason states he saw a shadowy figure but could not determine what it actually was. From Jason’s belongings, the trio finds a receipt from a diner signed by a waitress named Traci. After speaking with Traci at the restaurant, the trio learns several truck drivers have experienced such events.

One driver reveals that the events occur on Exit 13A, which the drivers have dubbed “Ghost Highway,” as it is allegedly haunted. When the trio rides on the road, they experience a disturbance on their car radio, followed by demonic voices. Meanwhile, Dr. Kurt Boggs is called to evaluate Sister Andrea’s mental state and deduce whether her cognitive senses are deteriorating. Ben suspects that the events on the Ghost Highway are perpetrated using the Ghost Frequency, a frequency outside the human hearing spectrum that can have a potentially hallucinogenic effect. Jason goes missing, and David searches for him on the Ghost Highway. However, David is attacked by a demon but saved by a vision of an Angel.

Evil Season 3 Episode 4 Ending: Is The Demon of the Road Real?

In the episode’s final act, Ben figures out a method to track the frequency the car radio catches on the Ghost Highway. David, Ben, and Kristen set out to uncover the truth about the hauntings on the highway. Once on the road, they follow the distorted frequency, and Ben guides them to the end of the dark highway exit. At the end of the street, the trio discovers a garage with a drone and other high-tech equipment being used to create the illusion of haunting experiences on the highway. Thus, the Demon of the Road is fake, and behind all the inexplicable events is a man trying to create chaos among the truck drivers.

Kristen destroys his equipment and puts an end to the man’s charade. It is likely that David’s vision was caused by the frequency’s effects and wasn’t real. After returning to the church, David helps defend Sister Andrea from the authorities trying to force her into retirement. Viewers see Vatican Agent Victor LeConte quietly observing the events when the trio leaves the man’s garage.

Later at night, LeConte visits David and reveals the truth about the events on the highway. LeConte reveals the drone operator, Russ Owlman, has died by suicide. LeConte explains that Russ was a part of one of the Demonic Houses. Therefore, it was necessary to end him so that a successor could not continue the house’s demonic activities and spread evil in the world. LeConte’s words imply that he killed Russ and the suicide story is merely a coverup. David is disgusted by LeConte’s actions. However, LeConte explains that the Vatican Agents have been destroying the Demonic Houses for centuries as a part of their plan to bring world peace. Thus, the episode concludes by giving David a moral dilemma about his association with the Vatican.

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