Extracurricular Filming Locations

Netflix has a fantastic roster, and the platform keeps making smart additions to it. ‘Extracurricular’ or ‘Human Class’ is a new original South Korean drama that has made its way to the streaming service. The premise hinges on a student who appears to be innocent but runs an illegal business. Despite hiding in the shadows for a long time, circumstances force him to come forward. Eventually, one of his classmates discover his secret and starts blackmailing him.

We see how Oh Ji-soo runs a prostitution ring, where he is a silent partner. The more visible face of the operation protects the girls and forwards the proceeds to the student. However, when one of his girls is inadvertently put in danger due to an abusive client, Oh Ji-soo steps forth. It marks the beginning of how his business and life start to unravel.’Extracurricular’ is a riveting tale where the drama and action take place in several locations. Naturally, you might be curious about where the series is filmed. We  have got you covered in that regard.

Where is Extracurricular Filmed?

In ‘Extracurricular’ the story is set in South Korea itself. Accordingly, filming has taken place on location. Most of the drama is focused on the school premises where Ji-soo has to lead the double life as a student and the head of a prostitution ring. However, a fair bit of action takes place outside as well. You can check out a tweet that shows how filming has taken place both inside and outside.

Since the plot plays out within the city, a significant part of ‘Extracurricular’ has likely been shot within Seoul. After all, Studio 329, which is in charge of the show’s production, is based out of Seoul. Moreover, filming in the city has a lot of financial advantages. Apart from cash rebates, the Seoul filming commission often bears the cost for location scouting within the city, car rentals, accommodation, and flight tickets.

The cherry on the cake is the presence of a talented crew of trained professionals who have worked on high profile projects. Since studios are present within the city, it helps in speeding up the post-production work as well. You can check out a tweet that features some stills from the series. As you can see, quite a few scenes play out indoors, allowing the project to take advantage of the studio system.

In conclusion, ‘Extracurricular’ has filmed most of the scenes within city limits. The benefits and resources that are available in Seoul make the city a popular filming destination for many projects in that part of the world. The Netflix original is no different. Using a smart combination of external scenes, accentuated by stellar post-production work within the studio, the streaming platform brings us a new K-drama that shines a light on the darkness permeating the lives of teenagers. Despite the foreign setting, the show tackles emotions that are universal and relatable to us all.

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