Extrapolations Episode 1 Recap: 2037 A Raven Story

Apple TV+’s ‘Extrapolations’ is an anthology drama series created by Scott Z. Burns (‘Contagion‘). It deals with the theme of global warming and climate change and takes place in the near future when environmental issues ravage the earth. The premiere episode, titled ‘2037: A Raven Story,’ sees the CEO of Alpha Industries, Nick Bilton (Kit Harington), deal with massive protests against newly proposed projects. Meanwhile, a group of ambassadors tries to resolve some of the imminent issues their nations face due to rapid climate change. The episode ends with Bilton getting his way but it also implies the dark future of humanity. If you are looking to catch up on the episode’s events and ending, here is everything you need to know about ‘Extrapolations’ episode 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Extrapolations Episode 1 Recap

The first episode, titled ‘2037: A Raven Story,’ opens with Carmen Jalili, a young climate change activist going live via hologram and reports that the world had been warned of catastrophic consequences if the global temperature exceeded 1.5 degrees Celsius back in 2015. We see several news clippings depict the devastated conditions of the earth, with almost no glaciers, cracked earth with dried-up water bodies, a huge refugee crisis, and thousands of hectares of burning forests. Carmen urges people to stop capitalist powers like Nick Bilton, the CEO of Alpha Industries, from destroying the earth further by raising the global temperature change cap to 2 degrees.

Meanwhile, a news broadcast reveals that Nick Bilton is investing in a casino and hotel project on newly discovered land in the Arctic following the melting of an ice sheet. However, he is teaming up with Junior, a controversial investor. In Isreal, we meet Marshall, the son of Ben Zuker, who works as a Rabbai, helping people fight forest fires and drought. However, Ben disapproves of his son’s work and wants him to return to the USA. Meanwhile, Ben continues working with his boss, Junior and advises him about the deal with Bilton. On the other hand, Junior and his actress girlfriend, Hannah, visit Saint Petersberg to survey the land for the casino project.

Elsewhere, Rebecca and her friend are escaping from forest fires after saving some birds. However, Becca is pregnant and in need of immediate medical attention. While Rebecca’s friend takes her to a hospital, Rebecca’s husband, Omar, is an Algerian representative at the COP42 conference in Tel Aviv. At the conference, the Palestinian ambassador demands Nick Bilton share the Alpha Hydro Solutions’ patents to desalinate and purify the seawater with the nations facing drought. However, Omar abruptly leaves the conference when he learns of Rebecca going into labor.

In Antarctica, Junior finds the Chinese have also stepped in to claim the land he is trying to secure for the casino project. Junior realizes something is fishy and consults with Ben. However, Marshall’s mother falls sick and goes into a coma due to the toxins in the air. However, Marshall refuses his father’s pleas to return home and care for his mother. Meanwhile, Junior discovers the presence of base metals underneath the land, suspecting Bilton is playing a game with him. On the other hand, Bilton waits to play his cards until he gives the closing speech during the COP42 conference.

At the hospital, Rebecca gives birth to her and Omar’s son. However, her friend leaves after learning that Rebecca applied for a job at Menagerie2100, a company saving animal DNA samples and deciding which species should survive and which ones should die during the rapid climate change. At the COP42 meeting, the ambassadors are in a stalemate about voting for raising the temperature change cap. Meanwhile, Junior embarks on a walk and encounters a small Walrus in the waters. However, when the Walrus’ mother senses a threat, she attacks Junior. On the other hand, Bilton arrives for his speech at the COP42 conference.

Extrapolations Episode 1 Ending: What Does Nick Bilton Want? Does He Give Away the Patents?

In the episode, we meet Nick Bilton, a greedy businessman who is profiting from the planet’s resources while the earth is burning and several nations are facing a drought. However, Bilton’s company has the patents for a machine to desalinate and purify seawater. When these patents are demanded at the conference, Bilton sees it as an opportunity to gain even more influence and financial benefit. In exchange for the patents, he demands waivers on his mining project. Bilton knows that several nations, including China, are in need of batteries, and the land he secured with Junior’s help is rich in base metals. As a result, Bilton had no interest in the casino and hotel project.

In the end, we see Bilton messaging Junior that his company is out of the project after getting what he wants. Meanwhile, Bilton arrives at the conference and gives the closing speech. In the speech, Bilton agrees to share the patented with any nation demonstrating a need for it. In exchange, the council members vote to raise the global temperature rise cap by 2 degrees with a maximum limit of 2.3 degrees. The change in cap limit will allow Bilton to proceed with his projects that were previously falling out of the limits, including the upcoming mining project.

Thus, Bilton is allowed to continue exploiting the earth for his own gain while the nations actually suffering from the crisis are forced to make a trade that will only benefit them in the short term. The episode’s ending perfectly sums up Bilton as a person and showcases his greed. Bilton is self-indulgent and self-righteous, claiming that capitalism, which is singled out as the cause of global warming, can also be the solution. However, the ending firmly confirms that the only person benefitting from the Tel Aviv Accords is Bilton, and the entire planet is doomed. The same is evident in the final moments when a glacier melts, and several coastal cities are submerged in water.

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