Extrapolations: Shooting Locations of the Sci-Fi Show

Created by Scott Z. Burns, Apple TV+’s ‘Extrapolations’ is an anthology science fiction drama series that puts the subject of climate change on Earth under the microscope with the help of interconnected stories from different characters’ perspectives. Set at different points in time in the future decades, all eight interwoven stories follow the different critical and life-altering decisions that people worldwide must make to save the planet for a while longer. Although each story is different, the determination of the people to have a future is what connects the tales.

Apart from being all about climate change, the show includes the essential themes of love, work, family, and faith, all of which are worth holding on to during such times. The star-studded ensemble of the drama series comprises Yara Shahidi, Kit Harington, Daveed Diggs, Matthew Rhys, Heather Graham, and Meryl Streep. The cold undertone against the gloomy backdrop of the destroyed and exploited visuals of the Earth during different years in the future sets the mood for the eye-opening show. If you are interested in the details about where ‘Extrapolations’ is filmed, allow us to help you out!

Extrapolations: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Extrapolations’ is filmed in New York, especially in and around New York City. Principal photography for the debut season of the anthology series reportedly commenced in August 2021 under the working title ‘Gaia’ and seemingly wrapped up by December of the same year. So, without wasting much of your time, let us take you through all the specific locations that portray our planet at different points in time in the future in the Apple TV+ series!

New York City, New York

Although the anthology show unfolds in various settings with the planet in different conditions due to the effects of climate change, the production team mainly utilizes the locales of New York City and its surrounding areas as the primary production locations for the drama series. Thanks to NYC’s vast landscape, which includes different water bodies spread across the city, it felt like the right option for the makers as the show consists of many scenes where the cityscape is flooded with water.

During the early stages of production of the debut season, in August 2021, various locals and passersby spotted the cast and crew members of ‘Extrapolations’ in and around the Queens Museum on Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York City Building in the Queens borough of New York City. It seems that a few scenes for the series are also taped in the Williamsburg neighborhood of NYC’s Brooklyn borough.

One of the cast members, Adarsh Gourav, spoke about his experience working on the Apple TV+ series with some of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry. He said, “We’ve been shooting in New York, both indoors and outdoors. I am in awe of my co-stars and learning every day. I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe I made it to this project…” Apart from ‘Extrapolations,’ the Big Apple has been a prominent production location for many TV shows over the years, including ‘Succession,’ ‘Severance,’ ‘Westworld,’ and ‘The Leftovers.’

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