Extrapolations Episode 6 Recap: Lola

Apple TV+’s ‘Extrapolations‘ is an anthology series exploring climate change and other environmental issues through standalone and loosely connected stories. Set in the not-so-distant future, the science-fiction show’s sixth episode is titled ‘2066: Lola’ and follows Ezra Haddad. In the episode, Ezra struggles to hold on to his late wife’s memories while finding a way to pay for the technology that stores them. Meanwhile, he also bonds with Natasha Alper, a single mother facing her own emotional battles. Naturally, viewers must be wondering how Ezra’s quest ends in ‘Extrapolations’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Extrapolations Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode, titled ‘2066: Lola,’ follows Ezra Haddad, the son of Rebecca Shearer we met in episode 2. In the episode, set 20 years after the second episode, Ezra is an adult living in London, UK. In the years since we last saw him, Ezra has overcome his “summer heart” condition with the help of scientific advancements. However, his childhood sweetheart and eventual wife, Lola, who also had the same condition, died as her body rejected the advancements. In the process, Ezra and Lola’s child in Lola’s womb also died with her. As a result, Ezra struggles to overcome the loss of his wife and child.

To keep his memories of Lola, Ezra uses an expensive cloud-based device called Cache Cloud, as he risks losing them due to vascular dementia caused by the treatment of the summer heart condition. Ezra helps people with grief by acting as the person they need, using information from the cloud to make it an immersive experience. One day, Ezra learns of the rising charges for Cache Cloud to store his memories of Lola. As a result, Ezra must earn more money or delete some of his memories from the cloud device. Meanwhile, we see Ezra using his skills and interacting with everyone who has hired him.

Ezra changes his physical appearance and downloads data from the internet to give his clients an immersive experience. One of Ezra’s clients, Natasha Alper, is dealing with losing her husband, David. She has a daughter, Harlyn, who also misses her father. On the other hand, Ezra pretends to be the son of an old Arabic woman named Dariya and goes on a date with a man named Derek Lejeune. As we see more of Ezra’s routine, it becomes evident that he cares for Natasha and Harlyn but is also unable to forget about Lola and his unborn child.

Simultaneously, a Cache Cloud customer care representative, Janice, constantly pesters Ezra to pay the additional fees or delete some of his memories. A frustrated Ezra deletes all his memories stored in the cloud device unrelated to Lola. As a result, Ezra forgets about his mother and grandmother. Later, Natasha reveals that her husband, David, is not dead. Instead, he left her and Harlyn and started a new family in the United States.

After an earthquake destroys the server Ezra used to download information about his client’s requirements, Ezra is forced to rely on his skills to keep himself employed. Moreover, Ezra is also unable to access his memories. In desperate need of accessing his memories, Ezra turns to his shady neighbor. However, the neighbor needs a large sum of money to deliver on Ezra’s demands. Hence, Ezra starts taking on more clients and indulges in some morally questionable actions. Consequently, Ezra starts feeling burned out due to the increased workload.

Extrapolations Episode 6 Ending: What Happens to Ezra’s Memories?

The episode’s final act sees Ezra preparing for his contractual dinner with Natasha. Ezra blatantly consumes the abuse from his clients for the sake of money before arriving at Natasha’s place. We see Ezra and Natasha bond during dinner, and they share good chemistry. The night leads into a romantic encounter between Ezra and Natasha as their shared traumas of losing their loved one are evident. However, after having sex with Natasha, Ezra charges her for the sensory activity.

Natasha assumed she and Ezra were forming a genuine bond, and their contractual obligations did not dictate their relationship. As a result, Natasha is enraged at Ezra and kicks him out of his house. Later, we see a battered and bruised Ezra returning to Natasha. After he asks his neighbor to retrieve the memories of his wife, Ezra undertakes clients that require him to pose as a cheating husband and a human punching bag, among other things. As a result, Natasha is distraught to see Ezra in emotional duress.

After Ezra confesses his situation to Natasha, the two argue as Natasha condones Ezra’s desperation. However, she encourages Ezra to move on from his late wife. Natasha allows Ezra to make a fresh start by joining her and Harlyn. Ezra accepts and decides to leave his past behind. When Ezra’s neighbor demands the money, Ezra refuses. The neighbor threatens to sell Lola’s memories, but Ezra does not respond. Instead, he reunites with Natasha and Harlyn, starting a new family with them.

Ultimately, Ezra comes to his senses and realizes Lola is long gone. Despite the technological advancements helping him to hold on to her memories, Ezra is merely living in a bubble. Moreover, he is unsure of how to move on until he forms a genuine emotional connection with Natasha. In the final moments, we see Ezra, Natasha, and Harlyn as a happy family walking through a mall. Ezra notices an advertisement of his memories of Lola being used to promote a product. Ezra accepts the fate of his memories and leaves them in the past.

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