Best Fairy Tail Episodes, Ranked

‘Fairy Tail’ is one of the best fantasy, action, adventure genre anime. The anime is still ongoing and even a decade after its release, its fan base is increasing. Today, I am compiling a list of some of my favorite episodes from the anime series. Before you get into the list I want you to know that there have been around 300 episodes in the entire fairy tail series, so it is really hard to keep track of the episodes. But still, I have tried my best to keep the episodes as evenly spread as possible, though for me the ongoing season is one of the best. With all that said, here’s the list of top ‘Fairy Tale’ episodes. Don’t forget to mention your favorite episodes in the comments.

12. Episode 28, Fairy Law

‘Fairy Law’ was one of the most intense episodes that I saw in the ‘Fairy Tail’ anime series. This episode marks the end of the Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord war with Fairy Tail emerging as the victorious party. The fight between Natsu and Gajeel Redfox was intense and action heavy. Finally, Natsu gains the upper hand and hits Gajeel for everything he has done. Gajeel is defeated and falls to the ground leaving the Phantom Lord mages shocked at Natsu’s victory.

Meanwhile, we see Erza fighting Jose Porla and the latter is dominating the former. Erza is holding on due to sheer will power. But it does not last and rather than becoming a liability to the guild, Erza decides to take her own life but her actions stop midway due to a healing aura. Makarov enters the battle, though his fight with Jose could be catastrophic for everyone. Anyways, he does not care. He defeats Jose using the Fairy Law magic circle. After this, he incapacitates Aria before he could do his dirty business. Thus, Fairy Tail wins with the return of their Master.

11. Episode 95, Lisanna

In episode 95, we see our heroes return to Earth from Edolas after all the magic has been sucked from the latter. The Exceeds of Extalia, who at some point were sucked out of Edolas, come to them and inform about Earth’s good condition. But Carla is unable to forgive the Exceeds due to their past actions. Even though the Exceeds try to explain the fact that they are homeless now, Carla doesn’t budge and asks them to leave the place and go back. Eventually, after Shagotte tells Carla everything explaining their past actions, the latter forgives them and Shagotte hugs Carla.

The Exceeds later leave to find the children and we see Lucky and Shagotte discussing the fact that the latter is Carla’s mother. Shagotte then asks Lucky why he did not confess to his child either, to which he replies he did not want to have anything to do with his blue kid revealing him to be the father of Happy. Later, we see Panther Lily bringing Edolas Lisanna to the guild as its prisoner but turns out that the prisoner is actually Lisanna Strauss who did not die but rather switched places with Edolas Lisanna when the former was sucked by a pocket of Amina after her death. lIsanna then goes off to meet her real siblings Elfman and Mirajane.

10. Episode 99, Natsu vs Gildarts

In the earlier episode, we see the S-class candidates choosing the particular routes that will lead them to S-class mages. Juvia Lockser and Lisanna end up facing Erza Scarlet, Elfman and Evergreen meet Mirajane while Natsu faces Gildarts Clive. First, we see Juvia and Lisanna doing their best to try and defeat Erza but to no avail, as the latter proves to be a formidable opponent. Erza easily dodges Juvia’s sneak attacks and Lisanna’s tackles. We then see Natsu facing Gildarts. The latter is obviously more powerful and dodges Natsu’s attacks. While trying to use crush to negate Natsu’s breath attack Gildarts accidentally hits him, transforming him into little Natsu’s. Natsu then charges at Gildarts and the latter is overwhelmed by the sheer number of Natsu’ and turns him back to his original form which makes Natsu use the Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade.

Though Gildarts is unfazed by the attacks, it seems he has moved a bit which is a great achievement for Natsu. Gildarts then tells him that Natsu has passed the first round. After Natsu protests, Gildarts releases his magic aura which stops Natsu in his tracks. Gildarts then explains to him that knowing one’s weakness is very important.

9. Episode 120, Daybreak at Tenrou Island

In this episode, we see Natsu and team are finally able to defeat Hades and his devils. Happy, Carla and Panther Lily are able to destroy the Devil’s heart taking away all magic from Hades and making his devils disappear. We then see the Tenrou tree being restored by Ultear’s arc of time. Laxus, Wendy, and Team Natsu launch their attack on Hades while the latter angered by this, tries to cast Grimoire Law but his plans are foiled by Natsu’s Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade.

Later, we see a mob of Grimoire Mages chasing the Exceeds but Fairy Tail Mages appear in the nick of time to rescue them. They then decide to return to the camp to rest after a tiring fight as Hades asks Makarov to finish him off to which the latter replies by asking Hades to leave the island. At the camp, Juvia arrives and is saddened by the fact that she let Zeref go. The group then treat their injuries and indulge in merrymaking. Zeref returns to the Airship being angry about the fact that they summoned Acnologia and that the world will end now.

8. Episode 122, Let’s Join Hands

‘Let’s join Hands’ is one of the pivotal episodes in the ‘Fairy Tail’ anime series. In this episode, we get to see the Dragon Acnologia which is the Black Dragon of Apocalypse. The Fairy Tail guild members are preparing to leave the island when they feel a rumble and finally, a roar. Wendy says that it is the roar of a dragon. The guild members then see a black dragon approaching the island. Makarov tells that it is the Black Dragon of Apocalypse, Acnologia. Gildarts confirms it and asks Natsu not to try and contact it. He then tells everyone that their only option is to run. Makarov tries to fend off Acnologia buying some time for the guild members to run.

Though the members are not willing to leave their master, Laxus manages to persuade them. Makarov is close to loosing and although the guild members appear and start helping him, the power of Acnologia is overwhelming. Finally, the members join hands to combine their powers and form a magic circle as a roar from Acnologia destroys everything. We then see that six months after the event, searches reveal nothing and it seems that everyone is gone or dead. Later, we see a boy with the mark of Fairy Tail staring into the sea seven years after the incident.

7. Episode 163, Mirajane vs Jenny

The only reason that I decided to include this episode on this list is that it is funny and sexy and you know I always look out for my ecchi-loving readers. The episode revolves around the second day of the Grand Magic Games especially the match between Jenny Realight and Mirajane Strauss. The Fairy tail A members are worried about the kidnapping on Lucy and after discussing the matter for a few moments, they go to the arena where they see that the match between Jenny and Mirajane has turned into a modeling contest (man, that bikini pose of Mirajane!). Finally, they end up transforming into their armor and wagering that the loser will have to pose nude for the Sorcerer Magazine. Mirajane is able to defeat Jenny. Meanwhile, we see Arcadios and Darton discussing a certain secret plan involving Celestial Spirit Magic. The next match between Kagura and Yukino begins.

6. Episode 167, 100 versus 1

‘100 versus 1’ is one of the most action-intensive episodes in the entire anime series. Here, we remember why Erza is an S-class mage and how powerful she really is. Also, we get to see the overwhelming magical prowess of Cana Alberona. We see Erza choosing to take on all the 100 monsters of the Pandemonium by herself. Mato tells her that the monsters are no joke but Erza is adamant. The match starts and Erza starts destroying the monsters one by one and ends up defeating all the D-class monsters. She then takes on the C-class monsters and then the B and A.

Finally, only the S-class monster is left and Mato explains that since only the S-class monster is left, its power is tripled. Erza is unfazed by this and in the end, emerges victorious. But since there is no monster left for the remaining participants to fight, Mato introduces the MPF device which the participants will need to hit with their magic. Here, too, the Fairy Tail members perform well as Can Alberona gets a whopping 9999 points breaking all records. Meanwhile, Raven Tail’s members begin to put their mysterious plan into action.

5. Episode 175, Natsu vs The Twin Dragons

I really enjoyed episode 175 and 176 of the anime but since I like action, I decided to include the former over the dragon history lesson of the latter. In this episode, we see Natsu taking on the Twin Dragons from the Sabertooth guild all alone. The Twin Dragons are Sting and Rogue. The fight is intense but even though the twins try their best, they are unable to defeat Natsu. The Twins then finally use their ultimate move which is The Unison Raid. But Natsu uses his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade to defeat the duo. Natsu wins and the Fairy Tail Guild moves up to the first position in the Grand Magic Games. The guild members celebrate their victory as Gajeel finds a dragon graveyard below the Domus Flau. Also, we see Jellal finally confronting the hooded man.

4. Episode 188, Attacking Lightning!

Well, there are lots of things to unpack in this episode as simultaneously multiple events take place. First up is the match between Rogue and Gajeel. A Shadow Being seems to posses Rogue as he fights Gajeel. Gajeel absorbs Rogue’s Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic and enters into Iron Dragon Shadow Mode. The fight continues until Gajeel pulls Rogue out of the shadow and knocks him out. The Shadow Being then leaves Rogue’s body commenting on Rogue reaching his limits. Gajeel and mavis express their concerns about the Shadow Creature.

Meanwhile, the rescue team has their hands full as they face the Fiore Guards and later the Garou Knights. Arcadios looks for Princess Hisui to confront her as the former thinks she is lying. At the games, Minerva and Erza fight as the former toys with the latter. We also see Gray and Juvia going against Lyon and Sherria. Laxus and Orga then need to face Jura. Ooba explains that Jura might be the strongest human mage and the duo has no chance against him. Orga tries to taunt Jura and launches a powerful attack which the latter blocks. Jura then knocks Orga down. Laxus then attacks Jura but seemingly faces a similar fate as that of Orga. However, Laxus stands back up and punches Jura.

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3. Episode 284, Memoirs

‘Memoirs’ is an emotional episode of the ‘Fairy Tail’ anime series. In this episode, we get to learn about Zeref’s past as we understand what makes him the Zeref he is today. We also get to see the official return of the Fairy Tail guild. Zeref becomes sad after the death of his little brother. He wants to use magic to be able to revive his brother. He begins to study life and death and joins a magic university. His professors ask him to drop his research warning him that it will anger the God of Life Ankhseram. But he continues and receives the curse of contradiction which will kill anyone, be it animal or human, in his vicinity. The curse will kill more people the more he cares about life. So, the only way to stop it is not to care about life, which he does. He is secretly happy since he is now immortal and will be able to continue his research.

Later, we see Zeref entering a cave in the present time where he meets Acnologia and tells the dragon that the battle between an immortal, a dragon, and a human is due. Meanwhile, the previously disbanded guild members meet up and Lucy begins to cry after seeing her former guildmates. Natsu retrieves a Fairy Tail flag from the rubble and waves it, marking the official return of the guild.

2. Episode 291, Defending Magnolia

This is one of the last episodes I have seen in the series. I am waiting for some more episodes to come out so that I can binge them. Here, we see the Fairy Tail members trying their best to relax in their own way the night before the battle for the guild’s existence. Natsu and Happy are trying to find ways of having fun as they interrupt a pondering Lucy who is worried about protecting their first master’s body. Erza and Wendy during their bath promise to protect each other in the battle. Gray tells Juvia that he will finally answer her after the war and that he too has his own trump card against Zeref.

As Mavis reports to Makarov that everything seems to be in order and the mages are doing well, Makarov tells Mavis that they are afraid and are trying their best to retain their composure. Alvarez launches a surprise attack on the guild and the guild members now need to face the Spriggan 12 members. It seems that their hope of winning the battle might already be lost.

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1. Episode 294, Natsu vs Zeref

Well, it is finally here, the moment we all have been waiting for — it is ‘Natsu vs Zeref’. Yup, we finally get to watch the intense fight between Natsu and Zeref. All the wizard guilds in the land of Fiore have joined hands with Fairy Tail guild in order to fight against the vast army of Zeref. The Fairy Tail members are encouraged by the support shown by their comrades and decided to aid them. Mavis quickly divides the guild members and assigns them their tasks, with Lucy and Cana getting the task of monitoring their prisoner.

Mavis and the others learn that Happy and Natsu have gone on their own to fight Zeref and Gray wants to follow them. Erza stops Gray and Mavis decides to trust Natsu. Natsu uses his Fire Dragon King’s Roar to blast through the enemy line and finally encounters Zeref after which the two begin their fight. Natsu removes the seal on his hand and enters the Dragon King Mode as the fight between him and Zeref continues.

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