Fall 2 Starts Filming in Los Angeles in June

The filming of ‘Fall 2’ is slated to commence in Los Angeles, California, in June. Scott Mann, the director of the survival thriller ‘Fall,’ is set to expand the narrative into a trilogy, with two sequels currently in development. In addition to directing, Mann is taking on the role of a producer of the sequels.

In the original movie, Becky, an emotionally fragile rock climber haunted by a life-altering incident, reluctantly faces her fears after grappling with grief for fifty-one painful weeks. Teaming up with a thrill-seeking friend, the two experienced climbers embark on a daring adventure to conquer the abandoned B67 TV tower, a vertigo-inducing 2,000-foot structure in the heart of the Mojave Desert. However, as the risky climb takes an unexpected turn, the two women have to muster every ounce of courage and strength to devise a plan for a safe return home, navigating the challenges that emerge in their perilous journey.

While specific plot details of the sequel remain under wraps, the movie likely won’t be a direct continuation, primarily because the story and character arcs of the first film are largely resolved. With Becky surviving and finding closure after the loss of her husband Dan, and the B67 tower offering limited possibilities, the sequel is expected to explore an entirely new scenario with higher stakes. “We’ve got a couple of ideas we’re kicking around… We don’t want to make something that feels like a copycat or less than the first one,” James Harris, one of the producers of the original movie, told Deadline about the sequel.

The cast of ‘Fall 2’ remains undisclosed. If the film is a direct continuation of its predecessor, Grace Caroline Currey is expected to return as Becky, the resilient climber. However, given the pivotal events in the first film that affect Hunter’s fate, Virginia Gardner’s return seems improbable. If Becky’s father James is a part of the second film’s narrative, the viewers can anticipate ‘The Walking Dead’ alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan to feature in the upcoming survival thriller.

The first movie was mainly shot in the Mojave Desert, California. Los Angeles, the principal location of the sequel, previously hosted the shooting of Netflix’s ‘Griselda‘ and ‘The Brothers Sun.’

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