10 Shows Like Griselda You Must See

‘Griselda,’ an exhilarating crime drama miniseries, unfolds on the streaming screen under the direction of Andrés Baiz and production guidance from Eric Newman and Sofía Vergara. Penned by Doug Miro and Ingrid Escajeda, the show delves into the gripping life of Griselda Blanco, an infamous figure in the realm of the drug trade. With a pulsating narrative, the series captures the tumultuous journey of Blanco, portraying the complexities of her existence and the shadowy world she navigated. As the characters come to life against a backdrop of crime and intrigue, ‘Griselda’ offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the high-stakes and dangerous terrain of illicit enterprises. Here are 10 shows like ‘Griselda’ to keep you away from relapsing or overdosing.

10. Senora Acero (2014-2019)

Created by Roberto Stopello, ‘Señora Acero’ is a Mexican-American telenovela that revolves around Sara Aguilar Bermúdez, portrayed by Blanca Soto, who becomes a formidable figure in the drug trade after her husband’s demise. The series explores her transformation from a housewife to a powerful drug lord, navigating the dangerous world of cartels and corruption. The ensemble cast includes notable actors like Litzy Domínguez, Lincoln Palomeque, and Damián Alcázar. Drawing parallels with ‘Griselda,’ both shows immerse audiences in the gripping tales of women who defy societal norms, showcasing their resilience and prowess in the treacherous realms of crime and power.

9. Narcos: Mexico (2018-2021)

Narcos: Mexico,’ crafted by creators Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro, provides a riveting portrayal of the rise of drug cartels in Mexico during the late 20th century. The series unfolds the complexities of the drug trade, featuring the Guadalajara Cartel and the DEA agents striving to bring them down. Starring Diego Luna as drug lord Félix Gallardo and Michael Peña as DEA agent Kiki Camarena, the show weaves a narrative of power, betrayal, and the inexorable clash between law enforcement and the criminal underworld. In juxtaposition to ‘Griselda,’ ‘Narcos: Mexico’ broadens the scope, offering a panoramic view of the drug trade’s evolution in Mexico, with intricate character dynamics and historical depth.

8. Gomorroh (2014-2021)

In ‘Griselda,’ the battleground for power unfolds against the backdrop of Miami’s underworld, mirroring the intense struggle depicted in ‘Gomorrah‘ within the Naples criminal realm. While ‘Griselda’ navigates the tumultuous life of drug trader Griselda Blanco, ‘Gomorrah’ delves into the gritty underworld of the Camorra crime syndicate. Created by Roberto Saviano, the series vividly captures the cutthroat competition and internal strife among criminal factions in Naples. Both narratives offer an unflinching gaze into the brutal pursuit of dominance, whether in the cocaine trade of Miami or the illicit enterprises of Naples, showcasing the relentless quest for power and survival in two distinct yet parallel underworlds.

7. American Gangster: Trap Queens (2019-2022)

For enthusiasts of ‘Griselda,’ ‘American Gangster: Trap Queens’ offers a convincing insight into the world of crime. The series aligns with ‘Griselda’ in its exploration of powerful female figures navigating the underworld. Narrated by renowned rapper Jeezy and later by Lil’ Kim, ‘American Gangster: Trap Queens’ shows the lives of women who ascended to prominence in the drug trade. Each episode unveils the gripping stories of these female protagonists, highlighting their resilience and strategic acumen. The narrative synergy, coupled with engaging narration, provides a captivating experience, making ‘American Gangster: Trap Queens’ a good for those who crave the intense drama and intricate character dynamics reminiscent of ‘Griselda.’

6. El final del paraíso (2019)

For aficionados of ‘Griselda,’ ‘El Final del Paraíso’ beckons as an enthralling counterpart. This Spanish-language telenovela, narrated by the charismatic Andrés Parra, immerses viewers in a world teeming with crime, passion, and power struggles. As the saga unfolds, it unveils the journey of characters entwined in the complex web of illicit activities, mirroring the intense narrative found in ‘Griselda.’ With its gripping plot, the show captures the essence of the fight for dominance in the underworld, offering a magnetic experience for those enamored by the high-stakes drama and intricate storytelling characteristic of ‘Griselda.’

5. Claws (2017-2022)

For fans of ‘Griselda,’ the series ‘Claws‘ serves up a different but equally intense flavor. Set in a nail salon, this dramedy unfolds a world of manicures, money laundering, and power plays. Starring Niecy Nash and narrated with gritty humor, ‘Claws’ blends crime with dark comedy, offering a refreshing take on the pursuit of success in unconventional avenues. The intricate plots, dynamic characters, and unexpected twists make ‘Claws’ a delightful watch for those who appreciated the tension and complexity in ‘Griselda.’ Dive into a world where nail art and criminal enterprise collide, creating a unique narrative tapestry.

4. The Snitch Cartel: Origins (2021)

The Snitch Cartel: Origins‘ resonates with ‘Griselda’ enthusiasts as it unravels the tales of power, crime, and ambition. Both narratives dive into the underworld, portraying the rise of notorious figures in the drug trade. In ‘The Snitch Cartel: Origins,’ created by Andrés López López, the show traces the origins of the drug trade in Colombia, paralleling the Miami underworld in ‘Griselda.’ Starring Matias Novoa and Marcela Mar, the series crafts a riveting narrative of alliances and betrayals, echoing the themes that captivated audiences in ‘Griselda.’ With its tense storytelling and strong characters, ‘The Snitch Cartel: Origins’ offers a journey into the roots of organized crime.

3. El Chapo (2017-2018)

In the world of crime dramas, ‘El Chapo’ stands as a kindred spirit to ‘Griselda.’ Where ‘Griselda’ explores the female-driven dynamics of the drug trade, ‘El Chapo’ offers a raw portrayal of one of the most infamous male figures, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. This series, created by Silvana Aguirre and Carlos Contreras, peels back the layers of El Chapo’s life, unraveling his ascent to power and the intricate webs of cartels. As ‘Griselda’ immerses viewers in the Miami underworld, ‘El Chapo’ takes them on a journey through the complex landscapes of Mexican drug cartels. Both series share a penchant for suspenseful storytelling, making ‘El Chapo’ a standout choice for those who reveled in the intricate narratives of ‘Griselda.’

2. La Reina Del Sur (2011-)

‘La Reina Del Sur,’ created by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, is a gripping Spanish-language telenovela that traces the journey of Teresa Mendoza, played by Kate del Castillo, as she rises to power in the male-dominated world of drug trafficking. The plot weaves a tale of survival, resilience, and empowerment. The stellar cast includes Humberto Zurita and Rafael Amaya. Drawing parallels with ‘Griselda,’ both series unfold the untold stories of formidable women navigating the treacherous terrains of the drug trade, showcasing the complexities of their lives. While ‘La Reina Del Sur’ explores the rise of Teresa Mendoza, ‘Griselda’ unfolds the notorious legacy of Griselda Blanco, offering a nuanced perspective on women in the criminal underworld.

1. Queen of the South (2016-2021)

Queen of the South‘ emerges as a must-watch akin to ‘Griselda,’ weaving a gripping narrative of female empowerment within the drug trade. With a magnetic lead in Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, the series chronicles her rise from poverty to becoming a powerful drug lord. Created by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, the show shares thematic parallels with ‘Griselda,’ exploring the complications of navigating a perilous world dominated by crime. Teresa’s resilience and strategic prowess mirror Griselda Blanco’s journey, while the show’s relentless pace, intricate characters, and suspenseful storytelling make ‘Queen of the South’ a great  experience for fans of ‘Griselda.’

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