Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

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The finale episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7, titled ‘Gone,’ follows Morgan and Baby Mo, who arrives at a radiation-free region. He meets a group of masked men, who try to kill him mistaking him for someone else. Madison Clark, Alicia and Nick’s mother, save Morgan from the group but takes Mo away from him. Morgan strikes a deal with Madison for the return of Mo, only for them to get into more trouble. The seventh season ends with the duo joining hands for a suicide mission and let us share everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Recap

‘Gone’ begins with Morgan and Baby Mo trying to contact Grace after arriving in Louisiana. Due to the lack of food and other resources, he starts to search for the same and meets Ava, who lives in a mansion alone. While spending a night in the raft, he gets attacked by a group of masked men. The next day, they attempt to kill him, mistaking that he is the one who has been stealing kids from the locality. Meanwhile, Madison appears and saves Morgan but takes Mo with her after assuring him that she will be in a safe place. He tries to follow her but she threatens to kill him if he does.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Morgan eventually finds Madison but the latter’s people take Mo to PADRE by the time he arrives at the dock with her. Upon realizing that the woman is Alicia and Nick’s mother, Morgan seeks her assistance to retrieve Mo in return for information regarding her children. Madison makes it clear that the only way for Morgan to get Mo back is to exchange the baby with another or a pregnant woman. He remembers that Ava is pregnant and the duo goes to her mansion to trick her. They inform Ava that they can lead her to PADRE, a safe place for her and her unborn baby.

While Madison, Morgan, and Ava start their journey to PADRE, the masked men come looking for Madison. The trio hides inside a crypt. Madison tries to find Ava’s baby’s heartbeat, fails to find it, and realizes that she is not pregnant. Ava reveals that she lied about being pregnant for them to take her to PADRE for her to find her six-year-old child, stolen by Madison. Morgan reveals to Madison that Nick is dead and Alicia is presumed dead. The masked men arrive at the crypt and take Madison to the beach to kill her.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Ending: Why Does Morgan Save Madison?

Upon finding Madison, the masked men take her to the beach and bury her up to her neck for the tide to kill her. However, Morgan saves her despite knowing that she may not be able to help him rescue Baby Mo from PADRE. When Morgan goes through a rough patch, especially after the war with the Saviors, Nick and Alicia give him a second chance at life by offering a new direction for his future. Morgan wants to repay both of them by giving their mother a second chance at life, assuring her that there’s a lot more to live for.

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Madison becomes a collector for PADRE to safeguard Nick and Alicia. She knows that the powerful people of PADRE will find and kill her children if she stops stealing kids for them. Thinking that both Alicia and Nick are dead, she starts to believe that there’s nothing else to live for, only for Morgan to correct her. He tells her that she can still fight for people she cares for, including Daniel and Victor. Through Alicia, Morgan knows Madison’s capabilities and he wants to make use of the same when the survivors are about to face ambiguous and potent threats in PADRE.

In addition, Madison is essential for Morgan to reach PADRE and save Baby Mo. Even though she may not be able to help him, she can lead him to the place. After saving her, the duo decides to go to PADRE to rescue Mo.

How Will Morgan and Madison Save Baby Mo from PADRE? Why Does Morgan Tell PADRE’s People About Other Survivors?

After knowing about PADRE from Madison, Morgan realizes that the only way to rescue Baby Mo is to enter the place. Since the community is entirely detached from the external world, without even a known location, there’s no other way in front of him rather than to risk his own life and go to the place. However, he needs to offer PADRE’s people something that will tempt or influence them for him to get into the community. The only useful thing he can offer is information about other survivors. He gets taken into PADRE when he tells them that there are children and a pregnant woman among the other survivors.

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Morgan knows that he cannot trick the authorities of PADRE and invite his own death. Informing them about the other survivors is the easiest way he can get into the secret community since they can confirm the existence of such a group of survivors. In addition, the other survivors may turn out to be essential for him and Madison to rescue Mo. Morgan and Madison cannot fight the authorities of PADRE without any assistance, especially considering their potency. The assistance of his group, which includes Dwight, Luciana, and others, may give Morgan and Madison a fighting chance against the threats they may encounter in the community.

Morgan can be thinking of conquering PADRE for the future of every survivor as well. As far as he knows, the community is the safest option the survivors have in front of them. If he manages to lead the other survivors into the place, they all may consider defeating the authorities of the secret community to start a civilization of their own.

How Do Ava and the Masked Men Turn into Walkers?

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

After burying Madison neck-deep on the beach, Ava and the masked men go to the dock to find people from PADRE. Determined to find their kids, stolen by Madison, they start their journey to the secret community. They find Madison’s notebook, which contains details concerning the kids stolen for PADRE. They try to use it to find the location of the place but get shot by the people from PADRE, who collect kids from the dock. Since their brains do not get destroyed, they turn into walkers and return to the beach. Madison and Morgan kill them for their survival.

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