Fernanda Terra and Mack Alves: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Couple Still Married?

Given the unconventional nature of Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind: Brazil,’ it is always a happy surprise when contestants further choose to deviate from the format for the sake of love and happiness. While Fernanda “Nanda” Terra and Mackdavid “Mack” Alves met during the first season of the ‘Love is Blind‘ spinoff, their love story did not go as expected. However, that was not the end for them as they found each other later on and even got married, thus fulfilling the original purpose of the series itself. As such, the world is curious if their relationship is still going strong.

Fernanda Terra and Mack Alves’ Journey Together

Fernanda Terra and Mack Alves actually met each other for the first time during their time in the pods of ‘Love Is Blind: Brazil’ season 1. The connection they ended up building was certainly a strong one. However, Fernanda felt like her bond with Thiago Rocha was a much stronger one, and hence, when the time came for her to proceed with only one man in hopes of marriage, she decided to go with Thiago.

Indeed, Fernanda and Thiago were able to make it through the season and even said yes to each other on the altar in March 2021. However, during the season 1 reunion, it was revealed that Fernanda and Thiago had separated, and she had started to date Mack. The couple actually got together after her separation, marking the start of a beautiful relationship. About two to three months into their relationship, the couple got pregnant, something that brought them much joy.

During the November 2021 reunion episode, Mack actually got down on his knees and proposed to Fernanda, and she delightedly agreed to the proposal. The heartwarming engagement led to a breathtaking wedding, which was featured in ‘Love is Blind Brazil: After the Altar,’ which aired in December 2023. The couple’s wedding was attended by their closest friends and family members. The venture for the ceremony was Deve Ser Aqui in São Paulo, Brazil.

Fernanda Terra and Mack Alves Are Happily Married

We are more than happy to share that Fernanda Terra and Mack Alves are still happily married, and their love continues to grow day by day. The couple actually became parents to their son Ben on May 31, 2022, and has been delighted about every step of their parenthood. The adorable little boy was even present at his parents’ wedding and took a special place in the ceremony. His name, according to Fernanda and Mack, as well as their friends, comes from the duo’s life mantra, “Good always wins,” since their son’s name means “good.”

Nowadays, Fernanda and Mack take delight in sharing life updates on social media with their fans and loved ones. From brief snippets from their lives to major developments, the duo has been more than open about their affection for each other, something that continues to warm all of our hearts. Another special presence in the life of the happy family of three is their dog Tobias, who also attended the wedding and was actually in Mack’s arms when he walked into the wedding venue.

Fernanda and Mack are also on good terms with many of their fellow season 1 cast members, including Shayan Haghbin, Luana Braga, and Lissio Fiod. The three even attended the couple’s wedding, with Shayan having seemingly taken over a big brother role for Fernanda. The continued joy in the lives of Fernanda and Mack certainly aligns with our own hopes for them, and we are positive that their happy family will continue to thrive for many many years.

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