Finding My Daughter Filming Location and Cast Details

‘Finding My Daughter’ is a Lifetime Channel thriller film that centers around a mother’s quest to find her kidnapped daughter. Ashley was 16-years-old when she got pregnant and had a baby girl. Not having the means to bring up a daughter, she had to give her up for adoption. At present, 18 years later, Ashley receives a letter from Brittany, claiming that she is the baby that Ashley had given up and requesting a meeting with her birth mother. Ecstatic and nervous, Ashley immediately heads back to her hometown to meet Brittany.

However, when Brittany doesn’t turn up for their meeting, Ashley finds out that her daughter disappeared just a day before her arrival. With no one to turn to, Ashley accepts help from two people – Scott, a local bookstore owner, and Jake, the town’s Sheriff and Ashley’s high school boyfriend. Things turn complicated when Jake finds out that he is the father of Ashley’s daughter, and Ashley ends up trusting the wrong guy. If you’re wondering where the movie ‘Finding My Daughter’ was filmed and who is in the cast, you’re in luck because we have got all the information right here.

Finding My Daughter Filming Location

‘Finding My Daughter’ was filmed entirely on location in Canada. Here are more details about the specific shooting location for this made-for-TV movie.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The capital city of the Canadian province of Manitoba, Winnipeg served as the primary filming location for ‘Finding My Daughter.’ The movie was predominantly shot in and around Winnipeg, with principal photography wrapping up in late 2017. Here’s a picture shared by Jesse Hutch, who essays the character of Sheriff Jack in the film.

Apart from being the largest city in Manitoba, Winnipeg is a popular destination for filming movies and TV shows. Some of the other films to have shot in Winnipeg are ‘Across the Universe’, ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, ‘We Summon the Darkness‘, ‘Alien: Resurrection’, ‘The Italian Job‘, and ‘X2: X-Men United’.

Finding My Daughter Cast

‘Finding My Daughter’ features a talented bunch of actors in an ensemble cast. Cristina Rosato plays the tortured mom, Ashley, who will go to any lengths to get her daughter back. You may have previously seen her in ‘Bad Santa 2’, ‘City on a Hill’, or ’21 Thunder’. Jesse Hutch portrays the role of Jake, whose world turns upside down when he finds out that he has an 18-year-old daughter who has been kidnapped.

Some of the other works credited in Hutch’s filmography are ‘American Dreams’, ‘Smallville’, ‘About a Girl’, ‘Cedar Cove’, ‘Arrow’, and ‘Wu Assassins‘. Kyle Cassie (‘Deadpool’, ‘Chesapeake Shores’) is the bookstore owner Scott, while Megan Best (‘I Am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story’) plays Brittany. Al Sapienza makes an appearance as Jake’s father, Wes Christian. He has also acted in ‘The Sopranos’, ‘House of Cards‘, and ‘Suits‘.

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