Fire Country Season 3 Begins Filming in Vancouver in Summer

The filming of the third season of CBS’ procedural drama ‘Fire Country’ will start in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the summer. Tia Napolitano continues to serve as the showrunner of the series, which was created by Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater.

In the ongoing second season of the show, Bode finds himself back behind bars and receives unexpected and potentially life-altering news. Meanwhile, the crew of Station 42 springs into action when a powerful earthquake strikes Edgewater, testing their resolve and skills to the limit. Amidst the chaos, they also tackle a perilous cave rescue and confront the heartbreaking dilemma of a family refusing to evacuate during a raging wildfire. As tensions escalate, Jake faces a gut-wrenching decision. Additionally, both Station 42 and Three Rock Crews are thrust into action when a toxic spill at a chemical plant erupts into flames.

The trajectory of the sophomore installment’s remaining episodes remains uncertain, with potential developments poised to impact the narrative of the third season. While Bode’s incarceration kicks off the ongoing installment, its resolution may precede the arrival of season 3. Teasers hint at compelling twists in Bode and Gabriela’s relationship throughout this season. Despite the uncertainties, the firefighting team is expected to brace for more perilous challenges, while Bode will likely grapple with escalating complexities in his life.

In ‘Fire Country,’ surprising casting decisions keep the viewers on the edge, making it difficult to predict who will survive the potential twists of season 2. Thieriot’s return as Bode Donovan is anticipated, along with Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela. Rafael de la Fuente’s Diego, introduced in season 2, is likely to continue featuring in the series. The expected returnees also include Diane Farr as Sharon Leone, Billy Burke as Vince Leone, Kevin Alejandro as Manny Perez, Jordan Calloway as Jake Crawford, and Jules Latimer as Eve Edwards.

CBS renewed the procedural drama for a third season after announcing a spin-off featuring Morena Baccarin as Mickey, a Sheriff’s Deputy who gets involved in a murder investigation. The sixth episode of ‘Fire Country’ season 2 will serve as a backdoor pilot of the upcoming show.

Similar to its predecessors, the production of the third season of the procedural drama is scheduled to start in Vancouver. The city is a significant location of recently released projects such as ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender‘ and ‘Death and Other Details.’

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