CBS’ Fire Country: Where Was the TV Show Filmed?

Image Credit: Bettina Strauss/CBS

Created by Tony Phelan, Joan Rater, and Max Thierlot, CBS’ ‘Fire Country’ is a drama series that revolves around a young convict named Bode Donovan who had a troubled past but is now looking to redeem himself. In hopes of shortening his prison sentence, he becomes part of a firefighting program and gets assigned to his hometown coincidentally. There, he must work with his former friends, other cellmates, and professional firefighters with a common goal in their minds — extinguishing all the massive fires that ignite across the region.

The dramatic narrative is complemented by the equally impressive performances from a talented cast, including Max Thieriot, Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro, Diane Farr, and Stephanie Arcila. The blazes shown throughout the series reflect the fire in Bode that drives him on the path toward redemption. Moreover, the story is set in the fictional town of Edgewater, which begs the question — where is ‘Fire Country’ actually shot? Well, you are lucky because we have all the details about the same!

Fire Country Filming Locations

‘Fire Country’ is filmed entirely in British Columbia, specifically in Metro Vancouver, Fort Langley, and Squamish. The shooting for the pilot episode reportedly took place in March 2022. As for the rest of the inaugural iteration, the principal photography commenced in July 2022. Now, without much ado, let us take you through all the specific sites that stand in for Edgewater in the series!

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Metro Vancouver, AKA Greater Vancouver, a metropolitan area with Vancouver as its major urban center, serves as the primary recording location for ‘Fire Country.’ In particular, the village of Anmore in Metro Vancouver stands in for the fictional town of Edgewater in the show. Situated on the southwest corner of mainland British Columbia, Greater Vancouver has hosted the production of many movies and TV over the years, including ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Devil in Ohio,’ and ‘Quantum Leap.’

Fort Langley, British Columbia

As per reports, the cast and crew members of ‘Fire Country’ also utilize the locales of Fort Langley, a village community in the Township of Langley, to tape the scenes in the fictional Northern Californian town of Edgewater. Located at the northern edge of the Township of Langley, Fort Langley is home to several sites of interest, such as Fort Langley Community Park, Fort Langley Community Hall, the Fort Langley National Historic Site, and the BC Farm and Equipment Museum.

Squamish, British Columbia

A few portions of ‘Fire Country’ are seemingly lensed in Squamish, a community and a district municipality in British Columbia. Over the years, many filmmakers have visited Squamish for shooting purposes. Thus, it has served as a prominent production site for several movies and TV shows, such as ‘Final Destination,’ ‘Antlers,’ ‘Insomnia,’ ‘Lost in Space,’ and ‘Big Sky.’

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