Frannie Marin From Survivor 44 is a Proud Member of LGBTQ+ Community

Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

‘Survivor’ is a reality show meant for those who love adventure and nature. The extreme conditions that the cast members have to endure in order to become the champion of the season. Set in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji, the 44th iteration of the CBS survival series welcomed several new faces who could not wait to show the world just what they could do.

One of the most beloved of these was none other than Frannie Marin, who combined her brainpower with her physical prowess in order to come out at the top. Naturally, her fans are eager to know everything they can about the contestant, and we are here to help you with the same!

Frannie Marin Shares a Close Bond With Her Mom

Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Frances “Frannie” Marin was born on March 13, 1999. She is quite close to her mother, Elizabeth, whom she adores very much. After completing middle school, she entered the Hill-Murray School in 2013 to complete her education. As a high school student, she participated in activities like theatre and volleyball.

Frannie was also a member of Pioneer Performers, French Club, Breakfast Book Club, and Speech Team. Additionally, she was affiliated with her school’s choir and the National Honor Society. In 2017, Frannie graduated and was the class valedictorian. According to the reality TV star, she had a perfect score on her Medical College Admission Test(MCAT).

Frannie Marin’s Profession

Frannie Marin became a student at the University of Minnesota in 2017 and continued to participate in various extracurricular activities. While there, she was affiliated with University Honors Program and the Choir. The reality TV star spent her 2019 Fall Semester in Copenhagen, Denmark studying Positive Psychology under the DIS – Study Abroad program. In 2021, Frannie gained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She also minored in Integrative Neuroscience and was a Summa Cum Laude Thesis candidate.

As it turns out, Frannie started working as a Receptionist Manager in October 2015 for Serenity Nails & Spa. and stayed there until February 2020. “I worked at an intense, high-traffic nail salon for five years, where I had to balance the needs of customers with those of 20 Vietnamese women, many twice my age and with ranging language barriers,” she shared with Entertainment Weekly. “I had to navigate very different perspectives to keep everyone happy, sometimes with grown adults literally screaming in my face about their nails.”

In November 2018, Frannie took up the position of Co-Founder and President for Integrated Metabolism and remained there until May 2021. She also started working with Mann Lab as a part-time employee. Initially an Undergraduate Research Assistant, the reality TV star was promoted to the post of Research Laboratory Manager in May 2020. In the same month, she also became a part-time Undergraduate Research Assistant for RIMA Lab. The ‘Survivor’ cast member left Mann Lab in May 2021 and departed from RIMA Lab in August 2021. It was in the latter month that she joined the CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion as a Clinical Research Coordinator and continues to hold the position as of writing.

Is Frannie Marin Dating Anyone?

As of writing, it does not seem like Frannie is dating anyone. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the reality TV star is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and is always happy to spend time with her friends and family. The free-spirited personality has always been a fan of ‘Survivor,’ with her 20th birthday cake being themed according to the series. She is quite fond of collecting leaves, having game nights, and likes to make collages.

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