Where is the Gallery Girls Cast Now?

With most of us stuck at home due to the current pandemic, Bravo utilized this time to bring us back our favorite reality shows! Throwbacks from popular shows like The Real Housewives franchise and the Below Deck franchise, the network has been keeping us entertained with these binge-worthy marathons. Their latest addition included ‘Gallery Girls’ that had aired in August 2012. A one-season wonder shot eight years ago; the show followed the lives of seven young women trying to navigate their way in the world of art!

Fresh graduates and with a passion for art, they scout New York City for their dream jobs and end up working for various galleries and art agencies. Their professional, personal, and financial struggles, combined with the drama of family issues, kept us hooked throughout the season. Spanning eight episodes, fans were heartbroken that it wasn’t renewed for a second season. After being hit with this wave of nostalgia, many have been wondering what these gallery girls are up to now!

1. Chantal Chadwick


The show saw Chantal and Claudia launch their very own Lower East Side art gallery and boutique called ‘End of Century’. Having experienced some friction with Claudia, Chantal shut down the gallery and moved on to another project. In 2013, she opened up another hybrid art space in Brooklyn, which didn’t do well and had to be locked down too. Even though Chantal had planned to move to Paris with her boyfriend, in 2014, she broke up with him and moved to Los Angeles. There she became a partner at an art agency called ‘Assortment’ that created designs to help market a brand. Chantal also tried to dabble in the music industry. She formed a group called Petra and has been releasing her tracks since 2019.

2. Kerri Lisa


Kerri was shown to be an ambitious, hard-working, and determined young woman, who aimed to make a place in New York’s art industry. After scouting various high-profile galleries and art shows, some connections helped her bag an elite unpaid internship. Her hustle also led her to manage a full-time job at high-end luxury concierge service, ‘Four Hundred’, which added so much stress to her life that in the end she had to choose between money and passion. Even though Kerri wanted to launch her own brand that embodied art and hospitality together, she ended up sticking to her well-paying job and was recently promoted to Director of Travel and Art. Kerri also organizes various popular art functions and events, including the Art Basel.

3. Liz Margulies


Liz was shown as the wild child of the season. She had a hard time getting along with other cast members and was always involved in some kind of drama with Amy, Chantal, and Claudia. Being the daughter of Marty Margulies, a wealthy and famous art collector, she had to face pressure and bias everywhere she went. Determined about making it on her own, Liz experienced quite a bit of friction with her father. After refusing his help, she went on to bag a master’s degree in modern and contemporary art and launched her own business in 2017. Still living in New York, she now acts as an art consultant to a base of high-profile clientele.

4. Angela Pham


Belonging to California, the gorgeous American-Vietnamese artist loved to be the center of attention. Having been passionate about photography, Angela could be seen working hard to build a career behind the camera. While she had struggled quite a bit on the show from scouting shoot locations to finding the perfect gallery for a showcase, it seems like she has finally found her success! After the show, she partnered up with a friend and established ‘Deitch Pham’, which is a commercial photography business. Her work revolves around brand-building and marketing fashion and lifestyle labels through her art. Her company boasts of high-end clients like Harper’s Bazaar and Nicole Miller. Having been featured in Vogue, she has covered some chic events with famous photographers and even shot celebrities like Jay Z.

5. Amy Poliakoff


Photo Credit: bravotv.com

Belonging to Florida and coming from a wealthy family, Amy was often made fun of and not taken too seriously. Labeled as a pampered kid, Amy’s journey on the show had been quite challenging. From failing to book the right locations to hosting flop dinner parties, Amy had unintentionally made some questionable choices, and her decisions even affected her career negatively. But it seems like things took a turn for the better after the show ended. She worked in New York for two major galleries for five years as a sales director. She has now launched her own art advisory firm in Miami and helps curate collections for galleries.

6. Claudia Reardon


Claudia had opened up ‘End of Century’ with Chantal, but their business partnership was an unhealthy one. Having put in more effort and hard work then Chantal, Claudia was tired of her laid-back attitude and dishonesty. The duo did put up some great work together when they teamed up with a fringe artist and organized a high-end event. They also managed to host their gallery’s pop-up show in Miami with Amy’s help. The duo even crashed Liz’s famous father’s art party and stirred some drama. Alas, their teamwork couldn’t promise the survival of the gallery, and it had to be shut down. Since then, Claudia moved away and has been keeping a low profile. If rumors are to be believed, Claudia might have studied design in London and then opened up a floral studio.

7. Maggie Schaffer


Maggie was probably the only cast member whose relationship and family drama was highlighted more than her career struggles. Repeatedly getting into heated arguments and her beef with Amy over an important job position added a strong dose of entertainment to the show. Maggie has been keeping a low profile, just like Claudia. But, according to sources, Maggie finally left her unpaid internship at Eli Klein Gallery, where she had worked for so many years as a fine arts intern. After losing her job to Amy, she went on to work at the photography gallery Hamburg Kennedy in New York. She has now been working as an associate at the Erik Thomsen gallery on the Upper East Side.

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