Gangs of Galicia: Why Did Ana Change Her Hair?

In ‘Gangs of Galicia,’ Ana Gonzalez Soriano arrives in Cambados’ small town with the clear intention of exacting revenge upon the Padin crime family, whom she suspects of being behind her father’s murder. Therefore, throughout the narrative, her stealthy initiation into the gang as their trusted attorney remains a ploy to get her hands on enough evidence to bring their illegal operations down. Nevertheless, in the absence of the Padin family patriarch, Jose, his successor, Daniel, the new drug lord in town, throws Ana in for a loop with his charming personality and seemingly unharmful intentions.

Even so, the couple arrive at a fated conclusion in their romance with Daniel behind bars and Ana on the other side. Although several questions about the future of these characters remain at play during this climactic moment— one more pressing inquiry emerges. Why did Ana suddenly adopt a fiery red hairstyle after being a blonde/brunette for the whole season? SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ana’s Vengeful Intentions

Daniel becomes eager to join Ana’s orbit since his first run-in with the lawyer at the courthouse. Part of his interest in her stems from an immediate attraction, but the latter’s skills as an attorney also retain their significance. As a known drug lord, Daniel walks a delicate line and often finds himself skirting the boundaries of legality in terms of his finances for a variety of reasons. While he and his crew can handle the more logistical part of smuggling, he needs someone to look after his empire’s sensitive fiscal needs. Therefore, he decides to swap his father’s trusted lawyer, Nazario, for Ana, someone he believes he can put his faith in.

Over time, Daniel’s trust in Ana grows as he allows her to get involved in more and more sensitive aspects of his business. Unwittingly, by doing so, he makes his business’ soft spots vulnerable to the lawyer’s planned attack. Ana came to Cambados under the guise of a newcomer looking for a new start. Therefore, no one knows she’s Jose Silva’s daughter. Given the town’s close-knit community, everyone is generally privy to others’ secrets.

As such, everyone knows that Jose Silva, a close friend of the Padin family, snitched on Daniel’s father, landing him in jail before ultimately skipping town. Likewise, everyone knows Silva recently died due to the large sum of anonymous money his family in town received. Consequently, if Ana’s connection to Silva comes out in the open, her scheme to grow close to Daniel and his business to get revenge on his father would become painfully transparent. However, the more she learns about the young drug lord, the more she finds her conscience conflicted.

Daniel’s Arrest and its Implications

Ana believes Jose Padin put a hit on her father. For the same reason, she has a bone to pick with him and only wants to prove his involvement in the murder to deliver him to justice as his prison release date nears. Thus, she fails to hold Daniel in contempt once she realizes he aspires to change his father’s old ways and run things anew. In fact, the two grow so close that they end up giving in to their mutual attraction, creating plans to run away with each other after Daniel’s upcoming deal ends.

Yet, through it all, Ana never tells Daniel or any other character the truth about her parentage. Meanwhile, the latter’s godson, Marco, who recently lost his girlfriend due to his family’s shady business, plots a revenge scheme of his own against the Padin crime family. In the end, Marco’s plan succeeds, resulting in the cops arresting Daniel and his crew red-handed during their smuggling operation. However, the event coincides with Nazario learning about Ana’s real background and blood relation to Jose Silva. Consequently, as Daniel gets arrested, his father and the rest of the gang assume Ana sold him out to the cops.

For the same reason, when Ana visits Daniel in prison— three months after his initial arrest— her appearance has drastically changed. Where she used to sport a long dark bob with the occasional blonde highlights, she now has bright ginger hair with bangs. Her revamped look is an attempt at maintaining an incognito persona. A new hairstyle—complete with a new color— helps the woman draw less attention from people who would intentionally be looking for someone with her profile.

Since the Padins and their Colombian contacts have been on the lookout for Ana after Daniel’s arrest, she has to keep a low profile and stay out of the gang’s radar. While visiting Daniel in prison decidedly goes against her intentions to keep her head down and hide, the information Ana has to share with the man is simply too important. Their brief whirlwind romance ended in a pregnancy that she couldn’t keep a secret from him. The pair can’t be together right now for a plethora of reasons, the least of which are Daniel’s imprisonment and Ana’s fugitive lifestyle. Still, their feelings for one another persist. Thus, Anna takes the risk of recognition by visiting Daniel but employs her new hairstyle as a perpetual disguise.

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