Gen V Season 2 Set to be Greenlit, to be Shot in Toronto

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video

Prime Video is set to green light its young adult superhero drama series, ‘Gen V,’ for a second season, which will be filmed in Toronto. The first season of the show premiered on September 29, 2023, and is currently ongoing. The streaming service going forward with another season so quickly after its premiere shows that Amazon has confidence in the series’ success, which has already received critical acclaim as well as the love of the audience.

Reportedly, Prime Video had been happy with how the first season of ‘Gen V’ turned out months before the premiere. In January 2023, they opened the writers room for the second season with Michele Fazekas (who also executive produces) serving as the sole showrunner, following the departure of Season 1 co-showrunner Tara Butters, who might return for the future seasons.

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video

Developed by Craig Rosenberg, ‘Gen V’ takes place in a college for young superheroes trying to get to the top of the ladder and hoping to become a part of The Seven someday. It stars Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, and Asa Germann as the core group, a mix of the popular kids and the outcasts who join forces following the sudden death of Golden Boy (played by Patrick Schwarzenegger).

Set in the same timeline as ‘The Boys,’ the show features some of the characters from the parent series. Colby Minifie and Claudia Doumit reprise their roles as Ashley Barrett and Victoria Neuman. Chace Crawford and Jessie T. Usher also make brief appearances as The Deep and A-Train, with Jensen Ackles reprising his role of Soldier Boy. It remains to be seen whether any of them will survive the events of ‘The Boys’ Season 4, which is expected to be released shortly after ‘Gen V’ has concluded its first season. The fourth season wrapped filming in April in Toronto, which is also where ‘Gen V’ set camp for its first season.

The idea of a live-action spin-off series of ‘The Boys’ was being considered for a long time before the show’s creators and Prime Video decided to go forward with ‘Gen V.’ According to Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon and MGM Studios, they plan to expand the universe by building upon the story of the young superheroes. ”We think that if fans respond the way we’ve responded to ‘Gen V,’ we will have many more seasons of the show. In the master plan between Eric and Michele and Tara, I think these shows will continue to talk to each other in fun ways,” he added.

The success of ‘Gen V’ opens the doors for further spin-offs, though nothing else has been confirmed yet. While following its own unique storyline, the YA drama’s first season also lays the groundwork for the upcoming season of ‘The Boys,’ creating the possibility of a crossover episode between the two sometime in the future. With the second season already in the works, it’s clear that Prime Video has big plans for ‘The Boys’ universe. We’ll keep you updated on further plot, cast, and production developments.

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