Geoffrey and Varya: Update and Spoilers

Instead of showing an international couple’s journey in America after the non-American individual has been approved for their K-1 visa, TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’ has the American half of the couple travel to their partner’s home country to have them meet face to face for the first time. The series depicts their troubles and issues as they adjust to each other and try to make their relationship work before deciding whether or not they want to take their relationship further.

It is full of romance, drama, and heartbreak, making it authentic and very engrossing to watch. One such relationship shown in the most recent season of it is that of Geoffrey and Varya.

Geoffrey and Varya: 90 Day Fiance Update

Even though Geoffrey hid his sketchy past – his incarceration for selling drugs and history of domestic violence – from his girlfriend, Varya, their relationship seemed to be going strong. That is, until he proposed to her, and she said not yet. There were a lot of red flags about Geoffrey’s temper tantrums, but we could not have imagined to what extent it would go to.

After Varya said no to marrying him right now, Geoffrey became distant, rude, and condescending. He did not take the rejection well and ended up breaking up with her. At the airport, while the 41-year-old was leaving Russia to go back home, he told his 30-year-old online love that he didn’t want to wait and that he can and will move on without her in his life.

Sad about the whole situation and regretting what had happened, Varya decided to take matters into her own hand and decided to travel to Knoxville, Tennessee, to surprise Geoffrey. When she arrived at his place, she was the one who was surprised to see that Geoffrey had, in fact, moved on, and was giving his romantic relationship with long term friend, Mary, a shot.

What has followed is Mary and Varya butting heads with Geoffrey being caught in the middle. When Varya was angry at Mary and Geoffrey didn’t stand up for her, she decided to leave, and when he didn’t follow her either, she was upset, and honestly, she had every right to be. But inside, Geoffrey was making it clear that his not replying to Varya’s messages was an indication of where their relationship stood now; however, he still agreed to hang out with her.

Geoffrey took Varya to meet up with his friends instead of Mary, but the latter showed up later as well. The situation was awkward to say the least, but his friends made it clear who they preferred. And now, instead of being the story of a couple, this has turned into a love triangle where Geoffrey would have to choose between the two women in his life, one with whom he has history and the other who was his most recent love. Can Varya win him over? Or is their relationship over for good?

Are Geoffrey and Varya Still Together?

Contractual obligations with TLC forbids the individuals on the show to publicly state their relationship status, but it does seem like Geoffrey and Varya are over for good. They do reflect on their relationship on their respective Instagram pages and openly talk about their feelings in their captions, but there has been no indication that suggests that they are currently together. So, we think it’s safe to assume that they parted on good terms.

As for Geoffrey’s relationship with Mary, it seems like they are still together and are going steady. Since Mary has made it clear that she wants a future with him, it looks like they’re in it for the long haul. The single dad has also created a YouTube channel to talk about his life, his experience, and all the allegations and rumors that are going around the internet about him. So, make sure to check out his videos to get to know him better.

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