Are Georgia and Toby From Love Island UK Still Together?

Given the sheer amount of love that the participants of Peacock’s ‘Love Island: All Stars‘ have accumulated, it is hardly a wonder that the world is far from tired when it comes to learning about the recent updates in their lives. The eleventh season of ‘Love Island UK’ featured some of the favorites from the show’s past season and gave the fans various couples to root for. Consider Georgia Steel and Tobias “Toby” Aromolaran, whose on-screen journey has intrigued many viewers, and their supporters cannot help but wonder if the two are still going strong.

Georgia and Toby’s Second Time Together

Interestingly, Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran’s history together actually dates back to their time together in ‘Love Island Games.’ On the sixth day of the spinoff series, Georgia entered the show, paired up with Toby, and effectively saved him. Though the two had only started to get to know each other, Toby was still torn between his feelings for Cely Vazquez and Georgia. However, he and Georgia did not get to explore their on-screen connection much, as the two ended up getting eliminated on Day 9.

The public must have seen something compelling in the chemistry between Georgia and Toby as the two were paired up on public demand on the very first day of ‘Love Island: All Stars.’ Given their history together when it comes to the franchise, the two tried to explore their connection once more. In fact, during the very first recoupling ceremony, when the time came for Georgia to choose her partner, she went with Toby.

However, things took a turbulent turn for the two when Toby expressed interest in possibly exploring other connections within the house. This meant that for some time, he became closer to Arabella Chi while Georgia and Callum Jones became a pair many started to root for. In fact, for the second recoupling ceremony, Callum chose to be with Georgia while Toby went with Arabella. This made many wonder if things might be over for Georgia and Toby, but that was not the case.

When the third recoupling ceremony came around, Toby surprised many by picking Georgia as his partner. This certainly upset the dynamics within the villa, though Georgia did not seem to mind it very much. “When Toby did his thing, it made me feel a certain way, and you can’t really explain that feeling. So you’ve got to go with that, I guess,” she explained about the unexpected recoupling and her take on it.

For the rest of their time on the show, Georgia and Toby remained together, which gave their fans much hope for their continued future. The couple’s own happiness seemed on an all-time high when they were chosen to be one of the final five pairs to be a part of the star-studded season’s finale. With about 10% of all the votes cast by the viewers, Georgia and Toby bagged fourth place in the competition.

Georgia and Toby Are Remaining Quite About Their Love Lives

Following their exit from ‘Love Island: All Stars,’ Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran’s status as a couple remains a mystery. In the interview that they gave following the finale, Toby stated that while the two were exclusive, they were not making any official changes until meeting up with each other’s families. Since then, he has also shared that both he and Georgia are seemingly taking things slow and trying to figure things out.

Now that the circumstances have changed when it comes to the environment of their relationship, it seems like Georgia and Toby are trying to figure out their new normal and not put themselves under much pressure. Toby, in particular, seems eager to see what his connection with Georgia would be like away from the eyes of the public. While Georgia herself seems to be taking a bit of a break from social media, the person in charge of her Instagram did express happiness about her connection with Toby after the finale.

“What an incredible journey Georgia has had. We are extremely proud of her and have loved watching her every night. It’s been a journey, but we are so so glad she followed her heart and ultimately ended up leaving the Villa Locked In,’ the post celebrating Georgia and Toby’s on-screen performance read. Given that both Goegri and Toby continue to follow each other on Instagram, we are positive that, if nothing else, the two remain on amicable terms.

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