Georgina Chiou: Where is The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge Runner-Up Now?

With Netflix’s ‘The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge’ essentially being a high-stakes spin-off of the incredibly successful original ‘Nailed It!,’ we get a reality competition series unlike any other. After all, it follows ten relatively unskilled yet passionate home bakers as they learn tips from industry professionals while competing in various challenges to attain a cash prize of $100,000. So now that the first iteration of this production has landed on our screens in its entirety — let’s find out more about its crowned runner-up, the undeniable creative Georgina Chiou, shall we?

Georgina Chiou’s The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge’s Journey

If there’s only one word we can ever use to describe Georgina, it would have to be visionary due to how she seemingly navigates each aspect of her personal, professional, and social life. We state this confidently because, by the time she’d stepped into the show in mid-2022, she was pursuing a Master’s in Integrated Product Design upon having already garnered experience. Plus, of course, since this contest revolves around baking, she was well past the realization she has a deep interest in making delectable confectionaries from scratch for her loved ones.

The fact that Georgina had applied just to learn proper techniques primarily in the hopes of creating something good for her father — her biggest supporter — one day is honestly further proof of the same. Besides, he inspired her final bake, a guitar on the beach, to represent how her California-based family used to (and still tries to spend every weekend together by the waters.

This earned Georgina the runner-up title, which unfortunately did not come with any cash prize. Yet, she still managed to walk away with several of the available baking appliances and $2,000 from her Big Cake Challenge wins in both episodes 5 as well as 6.

Where is Georgina Chiou Now?

From what we can tell, Georgina earned her Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania earlier this year, enabling her to dedicate herself to her career while continuing to bake as a hobby. In fact, this Los Angeles native with an admitted background in entertainment, where she focused on immersive techniques to develop spaces for storytelling, currently serves as not only a Design Consultant at Venture Lab but also a Brand Strategist freelancer.

Image Credit: Georgina Chiou/Instagram

Although Georgina’s hope for the future as a bright youngster is to evolve into a Content Strategist on a diverse team committed to building public-facing experiences specializing in 2D/3D structures. We should mention she had technically kickstarted her time in the professional world back in 2016 by landing a News Production Internship at the City of Torrance’s CitiCABLE webcast, yet it wavered as she continued her studies.

That’s why there’s a two-year gap in her work experience from 2019 to 2021, only to end with Georgina spreading her wings as a freelancer while also briefly serving as a Consultant at the Institute of Contemporary Art. However, before this, she was a Development Intern at The Gotham Group (June-August 2017), an Experience Designer at HBO (2017-2018), a Production Assistant at ACM SIGGRAPH (2017-2019), plus an Immersive Media Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (2018-2019).

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