Glow Up Season 5: Where Are the Make-up Artists Now?

Exulting the creative and artistic prowess of contestants, Netflix’s ‘Glow Up’ chronicles the journey of ten individuals as they compete in a set of challenges to win the coveted title and secure a contract with MAC Cosmetics. The reality television show features a streak of tests designed to assess and evaluate the abilities of the participants. Season 5 of the reality series features an equally intense competition fueled further by unencumbered talent. Since the season came to a close, several opportunities have arisen for the contestants. Naturally, fans wonder what lies ahead for them.

 Saphron Morgan is a Content Creator Now

Adjudicated to be the topmost contender on the series, 23-year-old Saphron ended up winning the show’s title. Since winning the top spot on the Netflix series, the reality TV star is exploring other opportunities. From getting published in Selin Magazine to working with Jaden London and appearing on the clothing brand website, Saphron is consistently progressing. Besides this, her fascination with prosthetics has led her to pursue other alternatives as well.

She is currently envisioning a line of fantasy characters and prosthetics and hopes to sell her creations on Etsy soon enough. The television personality who also works as a pizza delivery personnel is gaining an ever-evolving following on Instagram. As a content creator, she regularly posts her latest creations on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Naturally, great collaborations and achievements lay ahead for the winner.

Axel B. is a YouTube Star Now

Interweaving complex designs with artistic finesse, Axel entranced judges more than once. Having secured the runner-up position on the show, they have since expanded their portfolio. The Drag Queen has recently collaborated with Devolver Digital and Deconstructeam to recreate Abramar, a character from The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood game starring Fortuna, a witch living in exile on an asteroid.

Apart from working with high-profile clientele, the 27-year-old has also collaborated with BPerfect Cosmetics along with their fellow finalists Roo and Saphron. The front runner is also growing as an online personality and has recently attended the National Reality TV Awards. The YouTube creator also posts their latest experiential styles and creations for fans to see.

Roo Now is Focusing on Their Career in the Beauty Industry

With a degree in Fine Arts, Roo has continued to evolve as an artist and solidify their footprints in the beauty industry. Since the show, Roo has worked with brands and celebrities. They recently worked with Zara McDermott, the renowned documentary filmmaker. Additionally, they partnered with Trixie Mattel, Nike Women, and Parris Goebel on different campaigns. The reality TV star also flew to Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week and work with Thom Browne on Couture FW23. Besides this, the 24-year-old also like to post their latest artistic creations online and source inspiration from ancient myths and legends to recreate bold and creative looks.

 Keiran is a Content Creator Now

With expertise in symmetry, style, and color, Keiran made an impact on the show and ended up becoming the first person to become the fourth finalist on the reality series. Since the show, they have been experimenting with their abilities and regularly post their latest looks on social media. While the reality TV star likes to largely keep their latest work collaborations private, it is apparent that they are exponentially growing in the beauty industry. The 23-year-old hairstylist is also a content creator and commands a significant following on his social media platforms. Naturally, several opportunities lay ahead for the television personality.

Taisha Sherwood is Working on Expanding Her Portfolio

With a keen eye for detail, the freelance makeup artist wowed the judges on several counts. After her appearance on the show, Taisha has been focusing on expanding her portfolio. Most recently, the 23-year-old has worked with Olivia Buckingham for the British Vogue and Self Portrait Summer Party. She has also worked with Trapstar London on their latest brand campaign and attended the NYX Cosmetics and Barbie Party. Besides this, the reality star is also accruing a wide range of clientele. Most recently, she worked with Rae Sada for the Paris Fashion Week and even did the makeup for film director Dionne Edwards.

 On-May Yeung is Now a Retail Make-Up Artist

From finding an affinity for makeup after watching Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ to becoming a frontrunner on the show, On-May has consistently vied to pursue her dreams. After her appearance on the show, the 21-year-old started working as a Retail Makeup Artist. Besides this, she is also exploring other avenues of success. The content creator regularly hosts live sessions and masterclasses for fans. Most recently, the reality star collaborated with Girl Meets Brush for a masterclass too.

Morgan Keightley is a Brand Ambassador for a Nail Beauty Brand

After the COVID-19 pandemic spurned her in another direction, Morgan discovered a penchant for artistic creativity. Since then, the 19-year-old has consistently mapped the road to success. Despite her early exit from the show, the reality star is exceeding expectations outside. She has ventured into business and currently helms the operation of Not Just A Pretty Face (NJAPF) as the owner.

She also overlooks the operations of NJAPF Nails. Besides this, Morgan is a Brand Ambassador for The Cuticle Lab, a vegan and cruelty-free nail business. As a freelance makeup artist, she continues to increase the roster of clients. When she’s not busy, the reality star loves to demonstrate her love for animals by working with furry friends at Shincliffe Kennels.

Howard Kong Cherng Xiao is Focusing on His Career Today

Fascinated by beauty, femininity, and expression, Howard decided to change careers after leaving behind a career in hospitality management. Since his exit, the Malaysian native has worked with several high-profile clients. He recently worked with Vaclav London on Lookbook AW23/24. Besides this, he has done makeup for Emma Thyrn and assisted Chynara Kojoeva on Ashley Graham’s Cannes Look. As a freelance makeup artist, the 30-year-old hopes to exponentiate his growth and work with several eminent clients and brands in the foreseeable future.

Wezley Webber is a Freelance Make-Up Artist Today

After gravitating towards the transformative experience of makeup and artistry, Wezley trained with experts and ultimately entered the prestigious competition. After losing to Axel B in the dreaded face-off elimination challenge, Wezley got booted from the competition. Nevertheless, he has continued to focus on growing as a professional.

The 20-year-old works as a freelance makeup artist and even provides his expertise to clients through masterclasses and workshops. He also envisions creating a makeup line and making cosmetics affordable and accessible to all. Besides this, the Drag enthusiast also performs as Nicole Grande along with long-time partner Paris Grande.

Sarah Agbiji Has Her Own Make-Up Service Company Now

Having displayed her acumen with a makeup brush, Sarah has continued to highlight her abilities by expanding her portfolio. The 25-year-old is working on her makeup service company called Modern Wand. The brand provides a myriad of services, such as bridal makeup, full-face glam, photoshoot looks, and creative glam looks.

Additionally, she provides hair braiding services for a completely elevated aesthetic. Besides helming the operations of her company, Sarah also works as a content creator. The Instagram and TikTok creator even has a fitness page where she regularly posts snippets of her transformation, workout, and gym vlogs.

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