Goldy: Monster Factory’s David Goldschmidt is a YouTube Star Now

Wrestling fans across the world simply cannot get enough of ‘Monster Factory.’ The Apple TV+ documentary show has captured hearts with its realistic depiction of a world that few get to see from the inside. The stories of the people involved in the field are exceptionally inspiring and even appeal to those who may be unfamiliar with wrestling as a sport. One such story is of David Goldschmidt, AKA Goldy, who worked hard to overcome many obstacles and be recognized for his work and dedication. If you are one of his many fans and are eager to learn more about him, we have your back!

Who is Goldy?

From a very young age, Goldy was highly invested in wrestling, thanks to his older brother, who introduced him to this world. Growing up, he primarily watched the programs presented by World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE), though he was also aware of brands like Ring of Honor(ROH). In fact, one of his biggest inspirations was none other than the iconic John Cena. However, it wasn’t until the age of 14 that the teenager really gave thought to become a professional wrestler.

While on YouTube, Goldy came across a video of an indie wrestling match and was fascinated by one of the competitors who was being heavily booed by the crowd. This made Goldy wish that he could be the kind of person whom people loved to hate. However, according to the wrestler, he was afraid that his anxiety might be a hurdle. From a young age, Goldy was highly uncomfortable about meeting with people or socializing and would even get physically unhealthy in some of these cases.

However, Goldy’s passion for wrestling seemed to help him overcome his anxiety. In the documentary, his parents, Edward and Julie Goldschmidt, shared how they were surprised by their son’s inclination to socialize after joining the Monster Factory. Though the wrestler joined the institute in 2017 at the age of 17, he had been in contact with coach Daniel McDonald, AKA Danny Cage, for years before that. At the time, there was an age restriction regarding when people could start training.

Though Goldy did ask Danny if he could come anyways to do something, the latter would give his agreement. However, the former apparently never did take him on his offer. Danny himself shared that he thinks Goldy could do quite well as a wrestler, though he would need to socialize more. True to his dreams, Goldy decided to don a persona that people would boo. He knew that his conventionally good looks and the fact that his parents were financially well-off would lead people to form perceptions about him.

Despite that, the wrestler not only chose to embrace these notions but ramped them up in order to become the character that fans have come to love and hate. Additionally, Goldy is good friends with Brett “Wet Brett” Waters and Sean Vanore, and the trio is known as The Golden Era. Embracing the motto of “Born Better,” the three play up their personas and often don a cocky demeanor while in the ring.

Where is Goldy Now?

Goldy certainly seems to be doing well in his career as a wrestler. After many conversations with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) commentator Kevin Kelly and the wrestler’s impressive performance during the June 2022 Monster Factory showcase event, Goldy even visited the NJPW Dojo in October 2022. He is also becoming a well-known name in the All Elite Wrestling(AEW) circuit and has played several matches under the banner.

More than ready to further himself as a wrestler, Goldy continues to promote himself and any events that he is a part of through social media. He has also been quite happy to talk about his role in the Apple TV+ documentary and seems hopeful about any opportunities in the future. Interestingly, he and his fellow members from The Golden Era have a merchandise shop that people can access to buy the wrestler’s official merchandise.

Along with his friends, Goldy often posts a variety of videos on platforms like YouTube, which helps build their brand. The wrestler himself is well-known for his promotional videos, where he mixes confidence, cockiness, and determination in a way that you cannot help but be entertained and intrigued by. Additionally, he is a part of the American Xcellence Wrestling(AXW) circuit and has held many titles in his years of being in the field.

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