Goosebumps Season 2 to be Filmed in Vancouver Later This Year

The second season of Disney+’s horror show ‘Goosebumps‘ is set to be filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, later this year. Hilary Winston continues to serve as the showrunner of the series, developed by Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller based on R. L. Stine’s book series of the same name. Deviating from the storyline of the first installment, the eight-episode season 2 will adopt an anthology format, introducing entirely new characters.

In the first season finale, the teens face unexpected twists and their parents are not met with the fate threatened by the villain but the conclusion takes a surprisingly dark turn. Throughout its ten-episode run, the 2023 adaptation offers a darker perspective on Stine’s beloved novels. The storyline unravels a tale of cursed items, a possessed teacher, and the revelation that the ghost of Harold Biddle orchestrated the chaos. Episode 8 seemingly concludes the narrative but episode 9 sees the revival of Slappy by the desperate Mr. Bratt, leading to a sinister transformation into the sorcerer Kanduu. The first installment finale, ‘Welcome to Horrorland,’ unveils Kanduu’s dark backstory, hinting at ongoing troubles for the teens beyond the season’s conclusion. Despite the first installment leaving the viewers with unresolved cliffhangers, season 2 will embark on a fresh narrative with new characters within Stine’s imaginative universe.

The confirmation of ‘Goosebumps’ season 2 as part of an anthology series was accompanied by the unveiling of the synopsis of the upcoming episodes. The new installment will center around teenage siblings who, upon uncovering an unusual threat within their home, find themselves unintentionally embroiled in a mystery related to five teens who mysteriously disappeared in 1994.

Given the show’s transition to an anthology format, none of the original cast members will return for season 2. While no new names have been confirmed, the upcoming season will feature an entirely new ensemble. The first installment featured Zack Morris as Isaiah, Isa Briones as Margot, Ana Yi Puig as Isabella, Will Price as Lucas, Rachael Harris as Nora, and Justin Long as Mr. Nathan Bratt.

Vancouver, the principal location of the sophomore installment, also hosted the shooting of the show’s first season. The region is a significant location of recently-released productions such as ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ and ‘Death and Other Details.’

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