Where Are Gurki and Justin From Dating Around Season 1 Now?

‘Dating Around’ is an amazing Netflix series that re-imagines the boring age-old genre of reality dating series. Unlike the over the top and tense concepts that have come to be the norm, this one is very laid back and low-risk. Each episode follows an individual going on five blind dates, so as to find “the one” for them, and then taking them for a second date. By including people of various races and sexual orientations, this series has become a fan favorite.

Now that season 2 has aired, let’s take a look back at the most interesting individuals from season one, and, of course, the equation between them. Gurki and Justin from episode 2.

Gurki and Justin: Dating Around Journey

Gurki Basra, the then 36-year-old was looking to find love again after not having the best experience with men in the past. Her confidence and stunning looks shone in her episode as she went on five blind dates with five different men in the same bar and restaurant in New York City. The jewelry buyer met Bam, Salim, Jay, Manny, and Justin.

The real estate agent from New York seemed to be really great at first, talking about his work, relationships, his hatred for cats, and his dream of becoming a band member (even though he didn’t know how to play a guitar or sing). But when the topic shifted from small talk to marriage, everything changed.

Gurki talked about her parents, from Punjab, India – who met on their wedding day and are still married – and explained how that combined with societal pressure that came from her culture made her marry a man she chose but knew she wasn’t completely in love with. While the other guys seemed to understand that and even complimented her for being honest, Justin couldn’t let it go.

When they went for drinks again after dinner, Justin brought up the topic of her divorce again and asked her how she could “lie” for so long. He even got frustrated and said, “How can I trust you? How can anyone ever trust you?” Gurki tried to properly explain the situation but Justin wasn’t having it. After he accused her of being defensive, she said that this was a cultural clash and that they were clearly never going to see each other again, which prompted Justin to walk out on their date right there and then.

Where Are Gurki and Justin Now?

Gurki was glad to see Justin go, and even though she had fun on some of her other dates, she knew her worth and decided to pick no one for the second date. She remained single then and from the looks of her social media, she remains single now, just focusing on herself and her work. Plus, to be honest, being single is so much better than being with someone who doesn’t understand and appreciate you or your culture.

Although she preferred to be single, Gurki has stayed in touch with every guy from her episode except, obviously, Justin. She also found a great life-long friend in Luke, episode 1’s star. The two have hung out together and they look like they really appreciate just being in each other’s company. Gurki even uploaded the following picture of him on her Instagram.

As for Justin and where he is now, well that’s a bit of a mystery because his Instagram is private. Whether or not he made it private after his ‘Dating Around’ fiasco or if it was always like that, no one can really tell. His bio, too, doesn’t reveal anything about where he is in his life or his job or relationship status. It just states: “Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”

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