Hallmark Orders Five Gold Rings; Starts Filming in Winnipeg in July

Hallmark has added yet another Christmas project to its lineup! The network has ordered the television film ‘Five Gold Rings,’ which is produced by the channel’s frequent collaborator Cartel Pictures. The TV movie is scheduled to start filming in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on July 8. The cast and crew of the romantic drama are currently under wraps.

The plot revolves around Audrey Moss, a burgeoning visual artist in Manhattan who leads a hectic life. Following the recent passing of her beloved grandmother, Molly, she returns to her quaint hometown of Cold Spring, Minnesota. Her mission is to assist her mother, Kay, in winding down the family business—a popular antique store. Molly had a passion for discovering lost objects and jewelry, delighting in returning these treasures to their rightful owners and witnessing their joy. This sleuth-like hobby created a special bond between Molly and Audrey.

Further in the narrative, it is revealed that Molly left Audrey one final adventure: to return five lost treasures she had found, all before Christmas. Audrey enlists the help of Finn, her former childhood friend and a private investigator, making him the perfect partner for this quest. As they embark on this heartwarming journey, not only do they succeed in returning the lost treasures, but Audrey also discovers a growing attraction to Finn that she hadn’t realized before. This festive season, her life journey is filled with rediscovery, romance, and the magic of Christmas.

Hallmark’s holiday lineup includes ‘Trivially True Christmas,’ which will start filming in Eastern Connecticut on June 14, as well. Written by Christine Garver and Stephanie Jackson, the television film unfolds at a Vermont university. As winter break nears, excitement builds for the annual Christmas Bar Trivia Tournament. When astronomy professor Celeste teams up with the football team’s new offensive coordinator, Max, they find an unexpected connection, teaching the former that life’s surprises are more important than always being right.

Jeffrey Beesley’s ‘Haunted Wedding‘ for Hallmark is also gearing up for production. The TV movie follows ghost hunters Brian and Jane, whose wedding at a haunted inn is disrupted by Angelique, an eighteenth-century ghost who mistakes the former for her deceased fiancé. As she attempts to sabotage their ceremony, the couple must calm her and break her ties to the past, leading to humorous mishaps and, ultimately, a heartwarming double wedding that bridges past and present.

Moreover, Hallmark has recently greenlit three follow-up films of last year’s ‘Christmas on Cherry Lane.’ The second film in the series, ‘Christmas on Cherry Lane #2,’ will begin filming in late June in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. The principal photography for the third installment is scheduled to start in late July, with the fourth installment kicking off production in late August.

Winnipeg has become a favored filming location for Hallmark productions, with recent projects like ‘A Lifelong Love‘ and ‘Journey Back to Christmas’ making use of the region’s picturesque backdrop.

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