Hallmark Orders Jeffrey Beesley’s Haunted Wedding

Image Credit: In Real Time with Costa Maragos/YouTube

Hallmark is diving into the horror-comedy genre with its signature feel-good touch! The network has ordered Jeffrey Beesley’s ‘Haunted Wedding.’ The television film will start shooting in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on July 8.

The TV movie revolves around amateur ghost hunters Brian and Jane, who are eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding at a renowned haunted inn. Their excitement is abruptly halted when Angelique, a ghost in an eighteenth-century wedding dress, mistakenly identifies Brian as her long-lost fiancé, Malcolm. Upon discovering that Brian and Jane’s wedding is set for the same date as her own tragically interrupted ceremony, Angelique becomes determined to sabotage their plans. Her growing distress and her ghostly abilities wreak havoc, causing flickering lights, brewing storms, and transforming alcohol into vinegar.

As the tale progresses, desperate to save their wedding from disaster, Brian and Jane embark on a mission to soothe Angelique and unravel the centuries-old bonds keeping her and Malcolm apart. Their attempts pave the way for a series of unexpected and hilarious mishaps. In the end, true love triumphs, bridging the gap across time and space. This allows Angelique and Malcolm to finally exchange vows alongside Brian and Jane, resulting in a double wedding that unites the past and the present.

Beesley most recently directed the Hallmark movie ‘Miracle in Bethlehem, PA,’ which follows Mary Ann, who adopts a baby girl just before Christmas and plans to raise her alone. Due to severe weather, she and her infant find themselves stranded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. With the inn fully booked, Mary Ann’s only option is to stay with Joe, the innkeeper’s brother.

Beesley helmed ‘The Santa Summit‘ for Hallmark, which was also released last year. This heartwarming film centers on a Santa-themed holiday event where three teachers rediscover joy, strengthen their friendships, and unexpectedly find love. The filmmaker has become one of the network’s go-to directors, evidenced by his prolific output last year alone. Hallmark released two more movies directed by him in 2023, which are ‘Never Been Chris’d,’ a charming romantic comedy, and ‘Made for Each Other,’ a touching love story. His work consistently brings warmth and festive spirit to Hallmark’s holiday lineup. His upcoming slate also includes ‘A Carol for Two.’

Several of Beesley’s former Hallmark projects, including ‘Miracle in Bethlehem, PA,’ ‘The Santa Summit,’ and ‘Never Been Chris’d,’ were filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Therefore, this upcoming project will be a nostalgic return to familiar territory for the filmmaker.

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