The Santa Summit: Exploring the Shooting Locations and Cast

Encountering the unknown isn’t easy. Hoping that the grass is greener on the other side, Jordin decides to chart unmapped territory in her life in ‘The Santa Summit.’ However, her foray into these changes isn’t complete without the help of her friends, Annette and Shirley. As the three women seek reconnection in their lives, they find relying on each other keeps them strong.

The annual Christmas Santa Summit encourages them to put their cards on the line and embark on an adventurous journey where they decide to take big chances and embrace vulnerability. However, wearing their hearts on their sleeves just might be the thing that gets them where they want. Given the unique premise of the Hallmark Christmas romantic comedy film, fans have been curious to know more about the filming locations for the same.

Where was The Santa Summit Filmed?

Encapsulating the essence of a co-dependent trio, the creative team decided to choose a location that would accurately display the conundrum they faced. Helmed by Jeff Beesley, the movie was shot in Canada. The principal photography for the movie began on March 17, 2023. The shooting was wrapped up within the span of a few weeks and concluded on April 6, 2023. Given the unique setting and premise of the storyline, many wonder about the locations of the film.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Espousing the belief that change can come, Jordin and her friends embark on a whirlwind journey filled with romance and excitement in ‘The Santa Summit.’ To portray their dilemma and consequent victory, the creators decided to film the movie in Winnipeg. Several locations across the city were opted for filming the Hallmark movie. One of the major sites that received a revamp for filming was the Exchange District in Winnipeg. To accurately portray the spirit of Christmas and the warmth of the holiday season, the production team clad the buildings with decorations and even transformed the storefronts.

The Santa Summit

As Christmas remains incomplete without snow, the creative team decided to lay the ground with fake snow during spring in Winnipeg to retain the authenticity of the plot. While the exterior scenes of the movie were filmed in the Exchange District, a few interior scenes were also shot in and around Winnipeg. With its parks, structures and elegant architecture, the location became the ideal spot for creators to represent the essence of holidays. Over the years, Winnipeg has been used for numerous productions. Besides the financial benefits that creators automatically gain from shooting in Canada, the city also houses eloquent characterstics that make production worthwhile. Some of the movies shot here in the past include, ‘Look Away,’ ‘After Death,’ ‘Champions,’ ‘Under the Christmas Sky,’ and ‘Nobody.’

The Santa Summit Cast

Hunter King enacts the character of Jordin, a woman who, albeit plagued with doubt, decides to enter the boxing ring of life and keep everything on the line. As she decides to take life into her own hands, a new adventure begins once more. In the past, the actress has displayed her abilities in movies like ‘A Royal Corgi Christmas,’ ‘Hidden Gems,’ ‘Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths,’ and ‘Give Me Your Eyes.’

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Joining hands with the cast as the titular lead is Benjamin Hollingsworth in the character of Liam. While Jordin hopes to immerse herself in her work and reconnect lost passions, Liam hopes to take a step back from everything and take a much-deserved rest. Besides portraying a heartfelt evocation in ‘The Santa Summit,’ Benjamin Hollingsworth is also acclaimed for other performances. Some of his previous credits include, ‘Virgin River,’ ‘Romance in Style,’ ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ and ‘The Joneses.’ Other members of the cast include Rodrigo Beilfuss, Amy Groening, and Stephanie Sy.

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