Look Away Was Filmed in Manitoba. Here Are the Full Details.

Assaf Bernstein’s ‘Look Away’ is a psychological horror film known for its dark tale that deals with the sensitive issues of isolation and bullying. The 2018 film revolves around Maria, a shy and introverted girl who is bullied at her school and tormented by her father until she decides to switch places with her confident and charismatic mirror image, which wreaks havoc in her life. The film leaves a lasting impact on the audience with its gloomy setting, which is accentuated by the backdrop in the movie. This makes one wonder where was ‘Look Away’ filmed. Well, here is everything you need to know about the same.

Look Away Filming Locations

‘Look Away’ was filmed in Manitoba, specifically in Winnipeg. The shoot reportedly commenced in November 2016 and was concluded in a few weeks. The extremely cold climate of Manitoba supports the dark tone of the film. Now, without any further ado, let’s have a detailed look at all the locations where ‘Look Away’ was filmed.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The filming of ‘Look Away’ almost entirely took place in Winnipeg, the capital of the province of Manitoba. The production crew utilized several locations across the city to shoot important sequences of the film. The scenes of the home where Maria and her parents reside were shot at a property located at 945 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg. Constructed in the year 2013, the 6,184 square feet estate comprises five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The ARTlab at the School of Art, University of Manitoba, stands in as Maria’s school in the film. The building is situated at 180 Dafoe Road West, University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus), Winnipeg. The ARTlab is known for its beautiful design, for which it received the Governor General’s Medal for Architecture in 2016. It features several creative facilities, including the School of Art Gallery, a lighting studio, drawing, painting, and first-year studios, a MAClab, and a Print Media studio.

The establishment also has a smart lecture theater, which can be utilized for performances or projection programming and has a seating capacity of 147 people. The crew utilized the ice skating facilities of the city to shoot the sequences involving the sport, which is an integral part of the storyline. The scenes where Maria and Lily go for ice skating training were filmed at Kildonan Park. The 73-acre park is located in the West Kildonan area of northern Winnipeg. Established in 1909, it was designed by George Champion.

The park features a skating pond, as seen in the film, along with an outdoor swimming pool, a duck pond, a soccer field, picnic tables, and barbecue pits. Kildonan Park also has several buildings for the entertainment and convenience of people, including the Rainbow Stage outdoor theater with 2,600 seats, the Peguis Pavilion, and the Witch’s Hut, which illustrates the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel. The place has 39 hectares of park area and 2.7 hectares of pathways.

Winnipeg offers a wide range of locations, from urban cityscapes to picturesque natural landscapes. The city’s natural beauty serves as an appealing backdrop in films, especially in the winter season with snow and frozen rivers. Hence, Winnipeg has facilitated the filming of several other movies as well, including Bob Odenkirk-starrer crime drama ‘Nobody,’ Liam Neeson-starrer action thriller ‘The Ice Road,’ Henry Cavill and Ben Kingsley-starrer action thriller ‘Night Hunter,’ and Isabelle Fuhrman-starrer psychological horror ‘Orphan: First Kill.’

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