Hallmark’s Never Been Chris’d: Where Was it Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Liz and Naomi are two peas in a pod whose friendship seems to overcome everything. However, when high school crush Chris Silver reenters the picture, Liz and Naomi are forced to reconsider their decades of friendship. As the best friends return home for the holidays, they find themselves teetering around the man of their dreams. However, as things progress and feelings solidify, the two women find themselves arrested in the past and staring at the foundation of their friendship. Helmed by Jeff Beesley, the Hallmark Christmas romantic comedy film features the iridescent journey of two friends who are forced to evaluate the value of love and friendship. Given the premise and themes of the storyline, many are curious to know more about the filming locations.

Never Been Chris’d Filming Locations

Engrossed in the vivacity of unrequited love, ‘Never Been Chris’d’ encapsulates the burgeoning affection Liz and Naomi share for Chris. To encapsulate these emotions, the creative team decided to film the movie in Canada. The principal photography for the movie began earlier this year on May 12, 2023, and was concluded within the span of a few weeks. The filming for the Hallmark movie was wrapped by June 3, 2023. Seeing the two women wear their hearts on their sleeves, many wonder about the filming sites.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Having been with each other through it all, Liz and Naomi’s friendship began before they could even speak. From gap-toothed toddlers to unpopular high school students, the duo had seen it all. Together, they had decided to emerge from the shadows of their youth by leaving Westin and moving to California. To encapsulate the picturesque locations of the Virginian town, the creators of the movie decided to film the movie in Winnipeg. Known for its scenic architecture that acts as the perfect backdrop for the film, Winnipeg became an apt site for filming.

Never Been Chris'd

As the largest city of Manitoba, Winnipeg doesn’t just house skyscrapers and futuristic structures but is also home to countless locations that display an eclectic elegance. Given the character of the neighborhood and the age-old buildings, the producers decided to include Winnipeg as the ideal location for shooting. Over the years, Winnipeg has been chosen by creators and producers time and again. With its unique surroundings that lend a layer of authenticity, Winnipeg has been chosen for productions like, ‘Look Away,’ ‘After Death,’ ‘Champions,’ ‘Under the Christmas Sky,’ and ‘Nobody.’

Never Been Chris’d Cast

Janel Parrish portrays the character of Naomi Galindo, a hopeless romantic who has had her best friend, Liz, by her side for as long as she can remember. Having lost her father 17 years ago, Naomi tries to do everything in her power to keep her mother happy. Besides embodying the emotions of an ecstatic romantic in ‘Never Been Chris’d,’ Janel Parrish has also earned wide acclaim for her performances in other works. Some of her memorable credits include, ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ ‘To All The Boys’ trilogy, ‘Right in Front of Me,’ ‘Christmas is Cancelled,’ and ‘Until We Meet Again.’

Unlike her best friend, Liz is always the brain of any operations the duo undertake. Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes portrays the character of the sharp and witty Liz Waitt in ‘Never Been Chris’d.’ Known for her former performances in ‘Heart of Gold,’ ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ and ‘Trigger Me,’ Pascal displays the emotional conundrum of a person caught between love and friendship effortlessly. Finally, Canadian actor Tyler Hynes takes the reigns as Chris in the movie. Caught between matters of the heart, Chris tries to wade off the worst in his latest performance. The star is also known for his work in movies like ‘It Was Always You,’ ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby,’ ‘An Unexpected Christmas,’ and ‘Roadhouse Romance.’

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