Harrison Luna From Love Island USA: All We Know About the Contestant

Image Credit: Harrison Hans Luna/Instagram

Since its premiere in 2019, Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA‘ has featured some highly engaging cast members who have instantly captured the attention of the viewers with their attractive personalities and the interpersonal drama they generate. This certainly holds true for Harrison Hans Luna, who made his debut in the fifth installment of the dating show and became highly popular among fans. He was also received well by his castmates, despite his mid-season entry. Naturally, fans are pretty eager to learn whatever they can about the reality TV star, and we are here to share everything that we know about him!

Harrison Luna Shares a Close Bond With His Family

As of writing, Harrison Luna is 26-years-old and has charmed the world with his good looks and magnetic personality. Primarily based in Adelaide, Australia, the reality TV star is quite a fitness enthusiast who likes to take care of his physique. From what we can tell, Harrison has a younger sibling named Brandon Luna, who is as energetic and charming as the reality star. In fact, the younger Luna is also an aspiring Ninja Warrior. It is quite evident that the Luna lions have gotten their knack for fitness from their father. Harrison is quite close to his family and never misses an opportunity to spend time with them.

No matter what he is doing in life, there is a singular mantra that Harrison seems to follow in order to maximize the results. “Training, Work, Family, Learning, Relationships, Money, no matter what area of my life you investigate, you’ll realize I work hard at everything I do.” he shared. “The fundamental understanding that anything I choose to focus my time and effort on,”

Harrison added. “I will achieve, combined with the consistent devotion to BEING BETTER across the board, is why I will succeed!” If nothing else, he has undoubtedly given it his all when it comes to creating an impact in the reality TV show. However, when he is not working hard, it does seem like Harrison enjoys traveling and is always thankful for any opportunity for fun that comes along his way.

Harrison Luna’s Profession

Though Harrison Luna is thriving professionally as of writing, he revealed in the Peacock series that the path to success was far from easy for him. During a conversation with Jasmine Sklavanitis, he talked about his various jobs after graduating from school. Some of these include serving as a chauffeur and topless waiter, among other things. However, since then, he has certainly created a life for himself that one cannot help but admire.

As of writing, Harrison is affiliated with Novita Diamonds, working as a Diamond Dealer. Apart from Australia, the company has branches in countries United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Harrison is also quite popular on the Internet, considering that he has over 37K followers on Instagram. With his entry into the world of reality television, his fame is bound to increase even further.

Harrison Luna’s Dating Life

As of writing, Harrison Luna is an active contestant on season 5 of ‘Love Island USA.’ After his entry on Day 4 of the competition, the Australian reality TV star piqued the interest of two different single women in the villa, including Jasmine Sklavanitis and Destiny Davis. While he had been initially intrigued by the former, some in-game revelations, coupled with his genuine interest in Destiny’s personal and professional life, led him to make a tough choice.

Ultimately, Harrison decided to couple up with Destiny during the first recoupling ceremony, though he was torn up that his choice meant that Jasmine had to leave the show. Nevertheless, he remained focused on building up his connection with Destiny and being there for her when needed. The first kiss the couple shared under an artificial waterfall, even though it was part of an activity, only strengthened their connection. Needless to say, fans across the world are rooting for the two. No matter what happens next, we hope that Harrison’s love life remains as happy as possible.

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